BallbustingStacy’s Ball Pranks

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BallbustingStacy goes undercover as her real self, (just Stacy).

Her actual IRL colleague/friend/loser-who-has-a-crush-on-her gets 2 month’s worth of ball pranks.

All edited into a painfully hilarious montage of kicks, punches, and lots of surprise ball slaps.

(Faces edited out for anonymity, mp4, 03:31 minutes, HD 1080p)


1 review for BallbustingStacy’s Ball Pranks

  1. Brickmaker

    Stacy is truly the most evil ballbuster in the world. If my bitcoin investments work out I will be moving to the UK and doing everything in my power to become her coworker. I gladly gave her my ten pounds for this video and will be anxiously awaiting the sequel. Cheers to Stacy and cheers to the bloke in this video for his valiant sacrifice

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