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The Marquis de Sade also has a lot to say:

“Let’s cast a rapid glance at women of this variety. Zingua, Queen of Angola, cruelest of women, killed her lovers as soon as they had had their way with her; often she had warriors contend while she
looked on and was the victor’s prize; to flatter her ferocious spirit, she had every pregnant woman
under the age of thirty ground in a mortar.

Zoé, a Chinese emperor’s wife, knew no pleasure equal to what she felt upon witnessing the execution
of criminals; wanting these, she had slaves put to death, and the while would f##k with her husband, and
proportioned her discharges to the anguishes she made these wretches endure.
‘Twas she who, searching to improve the tortures she imposed upon her victims, invented the famous hollow column of brass one heats after having scaled the patient within.

Theodora, Justinian’s wife, amused herself seeing eunuchs made; and Messalina frigged herself while men were masturbated to death before her.

The women of Florida cause their husband’s member to swell and they deposit little insects upon the glans, which produces very horrible agonies; they league together to perform the operation, several of them attacking one man in order to be more sure of the thing. When the Spaniards came, they themselves held their husbands while those European barbarians assassinated them. Mesdames Voisin and la Branvilliers
poisoned for the simple pleasure of committing crime. In a word, history furnishes a thousand thousand details of women’s cruelty”

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