A few of my fans requested I interview the ballbusting legend that is Bryan Balldacious. Most of us into ballbusting have watched many of his videos over the years. I was very interested to know more about him. To learn how he got started in the industry and find out more about his ballbusting experiences!


Hi Bryan!

It’s nice to be able to chat with you again. I have always been a great admirer of your videos. Their quality, your endurance, and your ingenuity! Plus you always seem to go that extra mile to really, really hurt your balls. 

Also you’re in great shape, and your models all seem to be lovely women who enjoy what they’re doing. No slouchers, and no pulled kicks between the lot of them!

Though I haven’t seen all of your videos, you have SO many great ones. 
I really liked Ball Skewering with Mistress Tiffany. She softened your balls up first with some very nice kicks

I also liked the “Malicious With Testicles.” She seems like a good boxer, and I admire her physicality. And ballboxing is a favourite of mine!

The model Nikki Delano in “Bitch Balls” is a vicious ballboxer! It made me want to punch my slave’s balls even HARDER after seeing that. I loved every minute. Another great ballboxer is Veronica Marseilles aka Evelyn Stone. 

You also had Eva Notty bouncing on your testicles in “152 pounds of Notty.” After seeing that I realised that some balls can take a lot more weight than others, and it’s up to me to find out how much! It also means, I can jump on a set of nuts and not have to worry quite so much, as I’m a light 120 pounds. So if she can jump on a set of big balls, so can I! It was really freeing. 😈

Suffice to say, you’re a very brave boy who puts his balls on the line for our entertainment and I’m here for it! So first of all, thank you for your service Bryan! Very inspiring!

Hi Stacy, well it’s a rare lady indeed who can get herself into a gush about Ballbusting. You’re quite uncommon and you have certainly made your mark on the Ballbusting scene!

From what I’ve seen of your work, you might just be the ‘Rupture Queen‘… what’s the score looking like these days? Thank you for the interest and gracious offer to interview me for your blog!

LOL the rupture score for me at the moment is 3 on camera and a few more off camera. But enough about me, let’s get into some questions about you Bryan!

The Interview Questions:

1) At what point in your life did you realise you were into ballbusting? Was there a particular incident which you think triggered it? 

About my mid 20’s as I recall. As for a trigger event during those years, well it’s kind of hard to say. It must have been latent experiences from adolescence, mixed with seeing early ballbusting porn on the internet. The first time was in the late 90’s and that did it for me.

2) What was it like getting your first hit in the balls? Nonprofessionally, then professionally?

Never had much in the way of nonprofessional hits. I recall a few accidents as a boy sparing with friends. But it was never seen as anything more than an ouchie.

Did some ball squeezing during sex with my wife, but we did very little kicking. It does sound a bit odd for someone known for ballbusting. However I think a big part of my particular take on the fetish is ‘showing off’. A ballbusting exhibitionist if you will. If there were no cameras or audience then, I was never all that interested.

But yeah, the first professional ballbusting hit was exhilarating. It got my creative juices flowing and I embarked on a near decades pursuit of testicle punishment.

3) When you first started out, there weren’t that many professional studios dedicated to ballbusting. Not at the scale of your ambitions. Did you have any professional inspiration? Whose porn did you watch, say for example, in the early 2000s? 

Well by the time I started making videos (2011) there were quite a few. Many more than there were in the early 2000’s. I always found the guys who could take extreme ball abuse to be the most inspirational and the sites that featured them were my go-to. Joe from Kicked and Abused. Then there was the guy from Velvet Kick who always wore a black t-shirt, khakis and black shoes. A couple of guys from spiky step, and of course Justin from We Love Ballbusting.

4) As for your batch of films, I wouldn’t ask for you to pick a favourite per se, but who would you say were two or three noteworthy models, or perhaps videos? When you think back, what really stands out in your mind, and why? People want to know Bryan! 

Well Jolene Hexx, Miss Tiffany and Rapture were always fan favourites, but as far as personal attraction and chemistry that developed on set I’d have to say Mutiny and Goddess Anat. Had I not moved from Las Vegas I think Goddess Anat and I would have really pushed the limits, we were both intoxicated after the nut skewering she did to me, but that was the first and only shoot we ever did.

Many times I wanted to produce comedy videos. But in terms of why people buy ballbusting videos (to jerk off), it’s just not jerk-off worthy, so in turn a funny ballbusting video just does not sell well. “The Whittler” was one of those videos with Miss Tiffany where I just had to act out some Western Funnies… it’s one of my favourites to this day, but not for the Ballbusting, it just makes me laugh 🙂 and it comes up between my wife and I several times a year, we get a good chuckle from those memories.

5) In “Testicle Skewering Sex Scout” with Jolene The Valkyrie, if I remember correctly, she crushes your balls almost flat in a vice, then, she completely runs them through with huge needles, again and again, piercing both of your testicles individually, and as a pair, with extra long needles. Kinda like a living testicle shish kebab! Then while they’re absolutely stuffed to the brink with painful metal rods, she then tightens the vice even further.

I’m sure this made the newly formed holes in your testicles even larger as the delicate lobules squished around the needles. This definitely would have brought your balls incredibly close to spontaneous rupture explosion territory. Did you plan this out with Jolene beforehand or did she just go for it? What did it really feel like as it was happening???  

Yes that was a grand scene! I planned it out and discussed it with Jolene, she performed the scene with her usual sadistic skill.

To be completely honest, the vice kind of numbed my balls making the needles less painful. Not what I expected! While visually awesome, the experience was a bit of a let down. As for being close to rupture, perhaps, but it did not feel that way.

6) Have you gotten any injuries from ballbusting, aside from bruising/cuts/swelling? If so, how? 

I do have a persistent hydrocele on my left nut, and my sack has quite a few scars. I think there is scar tissue inside my balls from all the needles as it became harder to drive the needles through year after year.

7) What are you up to these days? Do you still enjoy ballbusting?

Nothing too glamorous, teaching myself how to Lime Plaster as of late. Real concerned about the state of civilisation, I probably spend too much time enthralled by current events, but it has always been an interest of mine… Porn, Politics and Plastering… if only!

Not done any Ballbusting for 4 years now… but that’s how I am, I get into something pretty deep for a season then I get tired of it and move on to something else. Not to say the urge doesn’t come back from time-to-time but as far as returning to the fetish scene again, it’s unlikely.

I’m also out of the loop so to speak as to what is new on the Ballbusting scene, no idea who is hot and who is not… guess I’m the one who is no longer hot 😉

8) When you tell women about your videos/professional life, how do they usually react? 

I don’t tell (women) or people for that matter about any of that stuff. It’s just not something I care to discuss with others who have no connection to it. My barber spent some time in Las Vegas and we talk about this shit some, but outside of that it’s pretty much mum.

9) Are there any other testicle abusing hijinks that you’d like to try that you haven’t done? 

I would have liked to had expanded on the skewering… thicker needles for one. Always wanted to do a testicle out of the sack skewering, have sex with it flopping all around and then have it put back in the sack and sewed up… but that was a skill level not had by most and the legal implications were always in the way of making that a reality. I spoke to a few dommes who were amicable to doing it in private but not on camera, so if no camera, I was not interested.

10) Was there anyone you wanted to work with but didn’t get to, and is there anyone out there that you’d particularly like to work with in the future? 

Oh hell yes! There were so many that I wanted to work with, but distance, money, scheduling and healing time were always a factor.

Would have like to have worked with you Stacy, Gianna Michaels, Christy Mack, Stoya, Adalind Gray and Mistress Clawdette just to name a few.

As stated, my ballbusting future is not really a going thing, but if the right wind storm blows in I might have to pitch my sack back into the storm and go for another whirl!

11) Was there any time when you were getting your scrotum absolutely wrecked by a nice lady where you thought, “Well this is it for my balls, they’re done for now.” ? 😂

No not really, there were a few times on the ball stomping board that caused me a brief moment of perturbation. As well as the ever concerning aspect of getting an infection from the needles. But, for the most part, I guess my attitude was if it happens it happens and so be it… safety third! 🙂

12) Finally as far pointers for up and coming ballbusting ladies, what is the most painful thing your balls have experienced so far? 

Having my balls between two hard surfaces and a sudden increase in weight is the most painful, but there is nothing sexy about that in my opinion. Skin on skin or a skilful needle insertions using hands and feet is a far better pointer for up and cummers than just a cold mechanical methods of producing pain.

Let’s be honest here, it does not take much to crack a nut… isolate the nut, place it on a thick metal surface and hit it with a modest swing of a hammer…. the nut is going to rupture. That’s not ballbusting, that’s just a cold execution of an unwanted piece of organ meat. Use some creativity, passion and real human interactions. This virtual crap is fucking stupid! So yeah there’s a pointer, don’t waste your time with this shit, go real or fuck off!

13) Have you experienced any lasting side-effects of long term ballbusting? I get asked that a lot by guys who are worried.

No, I can’t say that I have (and I’m surprised), but it’s one of those “your mileage my vary” questions that differs between people. I always try to discourage others from doing it, as it’s not an activity that has much if any up-side.


And there you have it! Bryan Balldacious, one of the great ballbois of our time.

I was a bit sad to hear he has more or less retired, because now I may not get to demolish his testicles, or possibly remove them from the sack and skewer the fuck out of them. The way he was talking about that made it sound pretty interesting. I want to try more needle and skewer play. Maybe someone else will volunteer for that 😉

As for his comments on question 13, smashing a pair of balls with a massive hammer certainly busts them. I can speak to that first hand! I personally believe all types of “injuring balls” falls under the umbrella of “Ballbusting”. This includes whether it’s virtual, guided self-busting with the help of a nice online Domme or obliterating them with a cute red mallet. Plus not everyone has the luxury of having access to fantastic IRL ballbusters. Let’s agree to disagree on this point!

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed this little interview.  Write a comment below and let me know who I should interview next! 🔥

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