To me he needs no introduction, but to most people who aren’t elbow deep in ballbusting, perhaps a quick lead-in is in order. 

    Brother Love was the first person to take ballbusting mainstream and for that, you ballbois owe him a big thanks. I found him inspirational personally for helping me turn my hobby into a professional outlet. Just seeing that there was a big market for this sort of kink was really eye opening for young Stacy. He took a mean-girl schoolyard bully’s hobby and turned it into something sexy.

   The fact that his videos are mainstream, with famous adult film stars featuring in them, also allowed millions of boyfriends and girlfriends to bring his movies into the bedroom and say, “Look honey, it’s fine, these normal porn stars do it. Let’s go ahead and try it!”

   It’s difficult to precisely gauge his effect on the ballbusting community, but suffice to say, he’s a legend to me and for many other horny boys who couldn’t find quality ballbusting before he turned his camera on. 

   One day I noticed HE followed me on twitter! After some messages, I discovered he loves my work too! 😍 I had some questions about him and his work that had been rousing for a long time, so luckily he agreed to an interview 🙂


Hi Brother Love 👋 I’ve watched a few of your videos. In fact a boyfriend showed me your videos several years ago and it helped inspire me to get into ballbusting even more 🙂

The ones I saw had Penny Flame, and Amy Reid and also another, with an adult film actress named Tyra Moore. I think maybe you were one of the first adult film actors to take ballbusting ‘mainstream’, that’s very impressive. I’m a fan! 

Hi Stacy 👋 If I had a ballbusting girlfriend I don’t think I’d have testicles right now. That boyfriend was very lucky, and probably a eunuch if he was your practice dummy LOL. The gals you bring up are all smoking hot, and they are all super cool, and industry friends! 

Penny Flame busted on camera and off. She had a friend named ‘Globby Bobby’ whose testicles were mush. When she learned that I liked getting busted, she always greeted me with a hard kick to the nads instead of a hug. She was wild in many ways and we did a few different videos together. 

Amy Reid is super cool too, and she loved the ball busting scene we did. Amy fucked me up pretty good. In that scene, our makeup artist (who was addicted to ballbusting) jumped in too. Amy and the artist beat me so good I couldn’t cum, which at that time was a big part of all the scenes. 

Tyra Moore was brand new when she busted me, so she was a little quiet and unsure of herself. But as a first time ball buster, Tyra quickly went from timid to enthusiastic!

1) Was there a moment in your career when you decided; I like ballbusting and I’m going to incorporate it into my adult videos.

I fell in love with ballbusting by accident during my second year in the porn business. Around that time I began doing POV scenes, I incorporated ballbusting whenever I could.

2) I don’t know of anyone doing ballbusting like that before you, although I could be wrong. Were you nervous about that leap? 

Correct. No one was doing ballbusting POVs. Or Ballbusting with pornstars. Or first time ballbusting. I was jerking off all the time to the same 3 or 4 guys who made ballbusting vids back then. There were no other options. Eventually I got sick of looking at their ugly painfaces. The guys themselves became kryptonite for my orgasm.

The leap was easy as fuck. I’m an awesome POV shooter which allowed me to take my face out of the game and focus strictly on her. I had access to the hottest pornstars on the planet. The agents and the girls were already my friends. And as you know it’s not really hard to get a girl to kick nuts. So I shot all the baddest girls in porn at the time.

3) I’ve noticed that you are quite dominant even though you get your balls utterly SMASHED super hard by these nice ladies. There’s a bit of an expectation that boys into ballbusting are going to be in the sub/slave category. Do you identify as Sub, Dom or Switch? 

You’re very astute Stacy, which probably makes you a very dangerous ballbuster. Yes, I am dominant. I am not a sub. I started in the porn business over 25 years ago during the gonzo hay day. All my friends were A-list performers, which means they knew how to bang. It was amazing watching these guys smash pussy into puddles of orgasms within 30 short minutes. My observation allowed me to adapt from a boring civilian fuck into an assertive dominant man. Getting SMASHED was the evolution of my surprise fetish, ballbusting. 

4) When you were filming your ballbusting films did you have any favorite actresses?  Who smashed balls the hardest? Who do you think enjoyed it the most? 

My first time ball busters series showcases all my favourites. Every actress in this series is my friend or someone whom I have worked well with.

The hardest is Jessie Andrews. It was a spontaneous phone video we shot before a professional scene with her and Ron Jeremy. The scene is up somewhere. 

Jessie Andrews was so cute and vicious and she just wanted to go harder and harder. Actually she was looking around the room for items to destroy me. She cinched both my balls with her weak hand and hammered my balls with her strong hand. Then she found and used the bottom of a full 12oz water bottle, as a hammering device. At the end of the day, after everything was done, I went to take a shower and my testicles were impressively swollen, extremely sore, and oddly shaped with weird knots and a variety of bruises and colouring.

Of all the gals Leighlani Red enjoyed it the most. Leighani Red would not stop, and she said she would go forever! Needless to say I tapped out and saved myself for another day.

5) Was there anyone you wanted to work with but didn’t get to? 

There were many gals back in the day who I knew but couldn’t get around to. Bella DonnaGianna MichaelsJada FireJenna HazeMonica SweetheartTaylor Rain, to name a few.

6) Do you still make ballbusting films? 

Yes I still make ballbusting videos. I picked up production again in 2020. I’ve been collaborating with a lot of very cool content creators. 

I’ve been shooting ballbusting, facesitting, penis sounding, and sph, in addition to many other fetishes. My main site is, I’m also on Clips4Sale, ManyVids, and PornHub.

7) Do you have any ballbusting tips for women? What’s the most painful way to get your balls busted? What’s your favourite way? 

There’s so many variables in ballbusting. Here are a few basic tips for women just getting started. 

A. A woman who has just started should seek a local ballbusting fetish group, and ask if she can participate with someone of experience. 

B. A woman who’s playing with a guy who introduces her to the fetish should probably just learn from him and build on that.

C. Every guy that likes ballbusting has their own particulars. 

D. If you’re going to make a video you’ll need some time on the clock for a good sale. It’s best to go with a long ballbusting session

E. If you come across a guy who says he can take it, then smash him with your best shot!

My most painful way of getting busted is slapping; it makes me flaccid. My favourite is getting punched, it makes me rock hard.

8) What are you working on now? Do you have any future ballbusting plans or dreams? 

These days I’m filming almost everyday for large porn companies. 

I’m also working on my site I plan to expand my femdom repertoire and bring in new guys.

9) I’m curious about your private life, how often do you get ballbusted these days? Is it incorporated into your sex life a great deal?

My private life and work life go like this. Ballbusting is almost strictly for work, because I have an obligation to my site members and I don’t have a backup set of balls. Home sex is almost always with a female performer. Together we eat out, and chill out, and then fuck very comfortably on a bed. Off camera sex may even be romantic. Because I’m the guy, I usually run the show, which almost always ends in anal sex and/or a well deserved creampie and a cuddle. My favorite thing to do with a play mate is unrushed oral sex. I love my mouth and nose in her armpits, asshole, breasts, pussy, and mouth. It’s heaven for me. 

10) How do most women react to your ballbusting fetish or content? 

Women who participate in my ballbusting content always have a good time. First time ballbusting is often therapeutic. 

Experienced Doms love ballbusting, as it’s not common. Ballbusting guys are rare, and ballbusting guys on camera are very very rare.

11) Have you gotten any injuries from ballbusting, aside from bruising/swelling? 

Firstly, ballbusting is always painful, but I enjoy it and I’ve endured mostly surface damage. 

Jessie Andrews is the only gal that had left real damage. 

There are 2 things that make my ballbusting different. 

A) Blunt damage like punching is erotic for me. I’m not looking to get dominated, I’m looking to get off. 

This is why in my old scenes, I always come at the end. 

B) I’m producing porn for entertainment consumption. I make sure that I create scenes that are cute, sexy, hot, and aggressive. 

But I also control injury because I need to keep my balls intact until I can find other male performers. 

For example, you won’t see much biting because teeth cut the scrotum and I can’t sell bl00dy content. 

Also, you’ll often see me get kicked very hard in order to maintain the legitimacy of the scene, but you’ll never see heel points or toe points strike my nuts.


Some interesting responses to hear and it’s nice to relate with some of the issues professional creators run into, or have to be aware of. He sure is lucky knowing all those amazingly sexy and talented women, who sound SO fun! And I’m very glad to hear he’s still active in the scene and making videos, although doing it everyday seems quite demanding?! Haha.

Be sure to check out his websites and videos linked in the blog, and to follow him on Twitter also!

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