When a woman has a quivering pair of balls standing in front of her, she has lots of options.

Should she haul off and smash the ever-loving jizz out of them? Or be nice and go small and steady?

First of all before we get started, I want you to punch yourself in the balls, just because I say so. Rap them with your knuckles, moderately hard so you know what us grown ass adults are talking about… Did you do it? Maybe try it a bit harder, you know. Give them a proper whack! Okay, now, with your newly emanating crotch pain… you can continue! 

Testicles are so stupidly sensitive and vulnerable that even the slightest flick, the tiniest poke causes discomfort and a jarring pain. Since I’m a sweet young woman with a perfect pussy and am invulnerable to these kinds of assaults. LOL I’ll never be able to experience that terrible sensation.

However, I do know in depth about the stupidity of testicles, from my years and years of pounding them mercilessly. But even if I hadn’t done that, everyone knows when a woman cronches a boy’s nuts he instantly experiences debilitating pain, total loss of balance, coupled with nausea and often completely hilarious disorientation! It’s a fact of life. The only thing he knows for sure is that his goolies are on fire now 🔥 😧

What’s less certain is, what’s the best way to go about it? If some balls are presented to you specifically for ballbusting. Do you go for the long drawn out torture? Or a quick utterly mind-bending bollocks-popping kick, or maybe a knee? Ah, there’s just so many fun options available to us dominant and sadistic ladies.

If you want to just prank a boy, one good way is to give his balls a massive slap! I’ve done a few candid nut-slaps and it’s always hilarious to see the boy’s reaction. Even just a teensy quick finger ‘thwack’ in one of his testicles can lead to bruising, an upset stomach, the whole works. This is because if you do it right you can focus the kinetic energy into a small area, perhaps the size of a pea. The smaller the surface area of the strike, the more power is transmitted into that little itty bitty ball.

If you jam your finger at strike speed into unprotected balls, the force will hit the delicate front of his orbs. I don’t know exactly why, but there is something about the front of those little marbles that is SO sensitive, perhaps it’s because the hit travels lengthwise through all the stupid ball-spaghetti causing them to shock the brain with an emergency cry of PAIN!

It’s a good way to start the ballbusting. But really, you can get those balls warmed up any way you like if you’re going for the long drawn out testes torture. Start out light and make your way up to the big leagues of ballbusting. You can’t just start out by hitting them with a baseball bat, especially if the boy is a ballbusting-noob.

If he starts to say, “No wait, maybe this was a bad idea…” you know you’re doing a good job! But then it’s over too quickly. You’ll need to soothe and cajole his fragile male body into placation. Or appeal to his ego, by attacking it. Say, “Oh don’t be such a little pussy, we’re only just getting started. I thought you were more manly than that…” Whatever it takes to get his balls back in the ring, do it. Because we’re just getting started 😈

After you’ve flicked and slapped them, move on to light punches. Just little ones. These will be excruciating torture at this point. The more time you spend abusing his balls, the more the pain builds up. Until each touch becomes its own new world of agony. At this point it’s sometimes good, if possible, to tie him up so he can’t flinch or get away. Also, if you can, try to gag him so he can’t whine to you that he’s changed his mind. Boring!

Eventually every boy ends up screaming in pain because of his little, fragile dangly, pain-balls. LOL.

You can strike the balls lightly as many times as you like, each time you’ll notice he will flinch and jerk around. Every whack in the balls, believe it or not, is painful! I know it sounds crazy, but punching a man’s nude junk is different from punching him in say, the thigh. He’ll cry, squirm, and scream.

If you have his nuts trapped in a glory hole, you can do something I like to do which is play speedbag with his nutsac! With unfettered access to his most precious non-vital organs, a girl can really go to town! Put on some music and start punching them as fast as you can! Despite what he thinks, they’re only punches, and… he should shut up and stop being a pussy because he doesn’t even have a pussy 🤡

All that will happen is you’ll cause some swelling. Sometimes it’s a lot of swelling, which causes guys to freak out and make it difficult to remove the balls from the gloryhole LOL. Also the front and backs of the testes might become quite bruised. But that’s no bother!

Also, with the thousands of punches you can lay down in just a few minutes, you can also start to damage his ability to produce sperm. While this might bother the average male, it’s really no big deal. There’s plenty of sperm out there in the world already. What’s a few teaspoons less in the scheme of things? Besides, they’re his balls and sperm. So, really that’s not a lady’s concern 😂

If you go about it right, you can beat his balls for ages and ages, without really knocking the utter shit out of them. The pain gets worse and worse, until every small jab into his dangly swollen balls causes him to regret every decision in his life that led him to this point.

It’s what I like to call ball-regret. A whole-body sensation that only silly ballbois experience. It’s a melding of mind and body, as they utterly succumb to the excruciating ball-pain radiating from their groin. They realize that life is precious, delicate, fleeting, if only they’d realized it before letting this mean lady do whatever she wanted to his only set of testicles. 

As eye opening as ball-regret is, it just scratches the surface of what I like to call, the Ball-Seance. This is where you violate a boy’s scrotum with such merciless brutality, that his ancestors appear in ghost form, hovering around him, shaking their heads and tutting, looking at each other and saying silently, “How could we have struggled for so many generations just to see it all end here with this stupid horndog getting his DNA deactivated permanently by this gorgeous woman? Oh, sad day for our family” 😂 👻

Now we get into the HARD ballbusting. Is this better than the slow burn of ball flicks and slaps? Well, for me, I think it is. One of my favourite things is the totally disabling, knockout ball kick that turns a boy into a puddle of goo.

Did you know that you can beat a boy’s balls so bad that they shoot jizz? So that’s always an option too 😏 with ball-juice slowly and involuntarily leaking out of him.

Whether you have an experienced ballboi who wants his nuts handed to him, or if you have a newbie to ballbusting, there is really a lot to be said for sending his jizzbags into orbit immediately. Kicking them so hard he falls over and remains out of the game for many minutes, is time-saving.

You can knee the balls so hard he 🤮 as well. One of the good things about that is it immediately reduces a boy to him being a little curled up feutus of a baby. The boy has no more cockiness, even the horniness is gone, replaced with a violent ball-clarity, as his scrotum turns bruised with funny colours. I think more boys should experience this almost zen-state of non-being. It humbles them, makes them more respectful of women and life in general. Fondly remembering all those good times when his nuts felt normal, free and relaxed LOL.

Of course I like both methods of ballbusting. I think my favourite will always be instant super-hard swing for the trees kicks and punches. It’s just so satisfying to see them go down, clutching his balls, crying out in shock and pain. His eyes looking at you filled with disbelief, as though saying, “How could you do this to me? To my balls?! I’m the main character!”. It’s priceless. 

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