Everyone knows the fact that boys masturbate SO much. It’s like men can’t keep their hands off their dick, and they have to jizz on everything. Guys make such a mess all the time, wasting paper towels, constantly having to clean themselves up. Well, enough is enough.

You need to temper that pleasure with something a bit harsher, in my opinion. You can’t just be indulging yourself by splooging all over yourself all the time with no consequences from an imperious ballbusting dominatrix, like myself.

When my regular dick-appointment showed up last week, I told him I had an idea. This boy, is one I’ve personally chosen for his big dick and his big ability to use it. If you don’t know already, I do enjoy a well-endowed man and I have a different account called StacySizeQueen that talks all about that 😉

Anyway, he’s a nice guy to have around until it’s time for me to kick him out. I recommend all women get themselves a regular dick-pal, at least until you find that special person. That being said, he’s not exactly “into” ballbusting. I’d more say that he’s slightly submissive and “tolerates” it. I’ve found that you can train a boy to do anything if you offer sex treats. It’s all quite voluntary, ultimately. Ballbusting may be my “thing” but after all, he doesn’t have to come over now, does he? 😏

I said to him, “Didn’t you tell me you wanted to fuck my tits?”     

“Uh huh!” His eyes perked up.      

“Well, of course you can fuck my massive round breasts…” I continued.

“Sweet!” He replied, “Right now? Or… should we get dinner first?”

“Oh no not now! You can’t just fuck my tits buddy! You have to let me do something to you first. For my Loyalfans!” I explained.

He let out a long groan that started in his balls and worked it’s way up through his guts til it finally exited his mouth. “Eruuuughhh…”     

This was a boi whose balls had seen a lot, thanks to me. I’d used his balls before in some videos, such as my “Boyfriend Ballpranks”. They were about to see more abuse heading their way. So, driven by an insatiable desire to fuck my titties, he seemed yet on the verge of agreeing to my deal.

“So, whats the idea?” he asked.

I smiled slyly and then said, “I’m going to give you a handjob, until you’re juuust about to cum and then WHAM! I’ll slam you in the balls super hard with my fist, and probably just keep punching your nuts til you stop cumming. It will be fun!”

“Whoa, hang on… I dunno. Actually, that doesn’t sound too fun” he replied.     

I countered, “Hang on, before you say no, just think about what you get in return… your massive hard dick squished between my large soft boobs, squeezing and rubbing against your dick, while I talk dirty to you, until you cum all over me!”     

He seemed to mull it over for a moment before I interrupted and told him to stop being a pussy and just do it, it’ll be a fun experience.

“Okay… lets do it” he sighed.

“Yay!” I squealed. I thought with glee, yessss I’m going to beat his balls so hard! 

I laid him out on the bed and set up my cameras.

So, what’s orgasm ruining with ballbusting?

I’ve done it plenty of times (including two times shown on my Loyalfans) and I always find it to be fascinating.

I don’t do it to slaves or subs because they don’t really deserve to cum, unless it’s completely involuntarily via testicle compression like in my Nude Ballstanding video, or the occasional lucky bastard who gets his balls kicked so hard he spontaneously cums.

One thing about boys’ balls is, just when you think you’ve figured them out, they go and surprise you.

Normal orgasm ruining usually involves the woman manipulating the cock until just prior to ejaculation, and then she instantly leaves it alone to do its own thing while watching and laughing at his ruined cum.

But in a ruined orgasm with ballbusting (or how I do them) it goes a bit further, as you might imagine. As soon as I feel the very beginning of an orgasm I immediately drop the cock and move my attention to the balls instead, by giving them insanely hard punches of the maximum strength variety. I slam those meaty swollen cumming testicles with complete abandon.

By the way ladies, if you’re not trying to punch his nuts back into his abdomen, you’re not hitting hard enough.

I recommend transforming yourself into a complete psycho ballbusting bitch. This is the way. (This is the way).

The first time I did it I hypothesised that instead of the cum dribbling out of the dick, it would just stop orgasming immediately. What I instead discovered is that when you beat the absolute living fuck out of some balls that are just moments away from an orgasm, what actually happens is the biggest, thickest, fattest, load you’ve ever seen spurts out.

Although there isn’t much research into this phenomenon, I believe it is because suddenly the body feels like it’s about to lose its testicles. The male body makes a last-ditch attempt to impregnate anything it possibly can. It expels ALL the semen, every last reserve drop. The male testicle brain thinks it might never getting another chance to fuck so out it all comes, in a painful stream of thick jets. I will never get tired of it.          

Anyway, as you can see, I dressed up in my Sailor Moon/Japanese Schoolgirl outfit. As I began to wank his dick, I gave it a few punches and slaps to get it testicly prepared. He yelped and screamed. I then soothed him somewhat by suggesting: “Maybe this time I’d just let him cum normally…”, but that certainly not did not happen.

I was sitting on his body, and when I felt him start to tense up I immediately began to beat those balls as if it was my last chance to beat balls. At least 5 full-power fist slams per second alternating between both hands for maximum speed. BAMBAMBAMBAMBAM! I could hear my fists slamming into the meaty nutflesh with a loud slap!

I think the boy was groan-screaming, but I wasn’t listening nor caring. I was laughing my head off and having a nice fun time beating his sensitive meat bags. I couldn’t even really see if he was cumming at all from my position.

I beat the balls fully for the duration of the orgasm. When it was all done I had a huge dinner plate sized cum stain on my nice blue skirt! I was shocked and irritated as now I’ll have to do laundry! So, just for good measure beat his extra sensitive, swollen and already aching balls some more.

Post-orgasm is one of the best times to beat balls, I’ve found. The pain is enormous and much worse than his pre-ejaculation balls. 

I beat his balls long and hard, eventually tiring of his screams. His testicles were in such great confusion and pain, and unfortunately he wasn’t able to recover that day to fuck my luscious big tits. As a matter of fact, perhaps he won’t ever get to, or perhaps he’s forgot about our deal entirely.

Poor silly boys, thinking with their dicks instead of listening to their reluctant balls. Well, that’s what you lads get for wanking so much!

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(p.s YES you definitely should try punching your own balls next time you’re selfishly wanking off. Punch them super hard just before you orgasm. You’re welcome!!)

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