I get asked this type of question about kicks often enough, that I’ve decided to write about it!

Before a kick in the balls

I tell the male to stand with his legs wide apart and his hands behind his back or head. At this point they see the sadistic glint in my eyes and get scared, begging for me to ‘take it easy’ 😉

Next is calculating the perfect aim, which is a very important preparation for devastating testicle kicks. Either I feel and squeeze the testicles first with my hand and see how they are positioned on the body, or I give the mans crotch a good look with my eyes to work out what kind of strike would work best. Alternatively, if I am barefoot, I also pat the balls lightly with my kicking foot, which for the guy, is a little bit teasing and tantalising.

All these steps all allow me to get the most precise testicle kicks, which is what I want!

During a kick in the balls

Then for the actual kick, I want to throw my foot into the balls as hard as possible, so hard that I almost lose my balance. I need to feel like I’ve almost lost control in order to really attempt a good ball-destroying kick, one that garners the proper results anyway. 

The instant the foot slams into the nude nuts, it’s going so fast that I don’t really even feel it until the balls are completely squished and become mush around my foot.

Oftentimes both balls will desperately try to escape like some kind of marshmallowy liquid. But, before they go anywhere, they are first completely flattened against the male’s pubic bone. Everything in the groin area gets smushed and flattened and crushed and potentially mangled.

Delicate blood vessels get squeezed in an instant, the testicles themselves try to push their pink ball-meat into tubes and holes that it’s not supposed to go. Fragile veins, ligaments, surfaces and corpuscles, explode tear and die, from the microscopic all the way up to his loose saggy scrotum sac which may bruise or even split open if I kick just right, or if my shoes catch it the wrong way. Yikes!

If I kick the testicles dead center, often I can feel his testicles deforming on either side of my foot. The perfect hit! <3

After a kick in the balls

If I like the guy I’ve just kicked, my pussy will tingle directly after impact. If he’s just a pathetic ball-slave I’m not into, I still get great fulfilment and happiness from damaging his precious and delicate sexual organs, maybe permanently, who knows!

But what about his poor testicles? What happens to them after a kick, depends on a few factors.

Strength of the kick for example, is an important factor. Luckily for me, I have very long, powerful legs that are slim yet toned from keeping fit and working out. My legs deliver fierce kicks that could easily travel at, or above, testicle rupturing speed. Legs come in all shapes and sizes, but their strength is the key ingredient here.

The testicles themselves are another factor. How weak are your testicles? How strong are they? Do they have any prior damage? How much ballbusting experience do they have? As it turns out, different men have different testicle strengths, which might sound funny but it’s true. Some testicles can take a kick, or two, or 100!

I like boys with the naturally strong testes, whether they’re newbies to ballbusting or not. Although when they are newbies the pain they experience is exponentially greater and the response is much funnier (for whoever is watching)! 😆

As for the physical reactions to a kick in the testicles, so many things are possible. Will his whole dick and balls suddenly ejaculate huge spasms of semen uncontrollably, causing pain, discomfort and embarrassment? Will it cause backed up sperm in his balls for hours and hours, causing aching and cramping of a whole different variety? Will it cause him to be in the fetal position for the next 20 minutes, with pain and nausea not letting him be able to speak? All of these are possible.

Which physical reaction is my favourite? Probably the cumming uncontrollably one. It’s especially great when it happens in a location where you are not expecting cum to fly out everywhere. It’s fun to also humiliate the boy for cumming in an instant. It can sure come as a shock for everyone involved. This involuntary expulsion of his seed is so bizarre and stupid and useless, it’s wholly worthy of ridicule – isn’t it ladies? So I’ll definitely make fun of him from now on, forever. LOL.

    “Hey remember the time I kicked you in your balls so hard you came in your pants in one second?”  LOL! I mean, what can you say to that? Nobody wants a one-second man 😭

But that’s not even the worst physical reaction that can happen. The extremely sensitive and spasm prone vagus nerve is linked to millions of nerves in the abdomen, diaphragm, and all the way up the spine into the brain. So, of course, it is not uncommon to feel sick, have shortness of breath, general all-over body achiness, stomach or back pain, and also dizziness.

Dizziness after a solid testicle kick can also cause the man to faint. It’s a bit of a scary reaction when you’re not expecting it, so you need to make sure you have a lot of space around you in case it happens. I have been able to catch this reaction on camera. I wanted to record it because you don’t see it in ballbusting videos very often. I’ve always been confused as to what sort of bodily response is that? Taking a quick ball-nap doesn’t seem very helpful in a defence situation 😂

The loss of consciousness happens for two reasons, one can be the sudden extreme drop in blood pressure as the testes get crushed and then snap back into their normal shape, this almost always causes dizziness and loss of equilibrium. Whatever the reason, as you go down, I laugh at you. LOL.

Another physical reaction is the fact that a multitude of ‘fluids’ and ‘excrements’ can also expel the body in such great moments of ‘stress’ and ‘trauma’. Example fluids = 🚽 💩 💧🤮

That happened to a boy in the school assembly, in front of the whole school, which was totally gross to see especially first thing in the morning 😩 He got his balls busted so hard he had to change schools as everyone in the auditorium was disgusted and laughing at him. His pride and reputation ruined in a few seconds… that’s what happens sometimes.

Guys can also have psychological reactions after getting kicked in the testicles. Such as crying, feeling sad, emotionally hurt, unloved even. Guys can cry and whine and even scream at the top of their lungs.

The crying response is the least controllable of these, because once again the nerves connecting your balls to your body are all jangled up with the nerves in your face and brain that control the tear ducts and mucosal membranes. Your nose will get stuffy and you’ll start weeping uncontrollably… if you’re a pathetic weak ballboi. Are you or aren’t you? You’ll never know until it’s proving time, and my boot is delivered unto your family jewels. Crying does kill the mood a bit though, ballbusting is supposed to be fun and its harder to laugh at someone when they’re crying 😂 quit ruining my fun! 🤡

After a testicle kick, the boy will often try to remain standing, sometimes desperately attempting to grasp on to something, even if that thing is me. For them it’s important for their ego, to try and look like a big strong, capable boy LOL. It’s easy to shrug off his weak, sweaty hands as he tumbles to the ground. I’ve had boys try to grab my clothes and end up touching my boobs, earning them a second powerful knee into their weak nutsac. My foot or knee will come gliding out from between their legs. Leaving a kind of emotional and physical void in their life. Whereas at once there is a maximum overload of sensation, suddenly there is dearth. A hole, filled with nothing but my crystalline laughter at their utter helplessness.

One testes smash always makes me want to do more, whether it is to more boys or the same boy. I like to reach down sometimes into the quivering pile of goo that is the boy and grab a handful of his immediately swelling and 100x more sensitive gonads, squeeze-pull him to his feet and then deliver another brain-jarring groin assault. I can always tell that boy’s brains were not meant to experience this kind of pain, because the looks of confusion and pain border on the grotesque. LOL.

So having said all that, regardless of which response or combination of responses occurs immediately after my devastating ball beatings, my reaction is inevitably the same, a feeling of sexy feminine triumph and power, combined with a joyful mirth. It always makes me laugh, giggle and scoff!

Let me know in the comments what reactions you’ve had to ballbusting. I kinda feel like you gotta collect them all, like rare and unique Pokemon’s! 🤣

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