In my zeal to cause the most exciting and rapid damage all at once to men’s balls, I suppose I got a little carried away in my last little endeavour, ‘Mallet Destroys Balls‘.

Shortly after posting this video on my OnlyFans account, my account was terminated for being too violent. LOL. I feel a bit sorry for whatever normie admin boy was working at OnlyFans. They had to manually go through all my videos and kept flagging them. He must have watched the final Mallet video and felt a sympathetic twinge in his balls. ‘Yikes, people are into this kinda stuff?’ He probably thought. πŸ˜†

I’ve heard a lot about this feeling that boys get, when they see another boy get his fragile testicles punted super hard. It’s a fascinating process which I think merits more research… and by research I mean kicking a boy insanely hard in his genitals while a long row male bystanders watch, and several female scientists document them squirming. Maybe they’ll have electrodes on their heads, and balls to measure their sympathetic reaction. Why not?

We do know a little bit about the mechanism that’s at work there though. It is due to the enigmatic neurological system, known as mirror neurons. 

Without going into too much detail, mirror neurons are a distinctive class of brain nerve cells which discharge when we do a specific action, and also when we watch others do that same action. It is the reason we squirm when watching a horror movie. Cringe when seeing someone taking a bad fall. Or wince when watching a silly ballboi get his stupid balls utterly annihilated by a nice lady. This causes your own balls to get the special tingles, and for you horny ballperverts, a boner as well!

Some people believe it was crucial in our society for allowing us to empathise with our fellow cavemen. Allowing us all to be much closer to each other, a physiological means of putting ourselves in our neighbours shoes. WHAM! Smash one boy in his nuts, and all the other boys feel it too! What an incredible domino effect ball-based pain can have on men 😏

Early on in my ballbusting explorations, I noticed the effect ballbusting in public would have on other people who would happen to see it. Bystanders often feel nauseas, after watching someone get their family jewels kicked back up inside them. Isn’t that sweet and caring of them?

As for the ‘Mallet Destroys Balls‘ video, you will have to see how your balls and general wellbeing is after you see it. No doubt you’ll feel a bit sick afterwards, but weirdly turned on, none the less. 😳

How did the ‘Mallet Destroys Balls‘ video happen?

It started out pretty standard. A boy contacted me and said, in a nutshell, “Miss Stacy I have an opportunity for you. I’d like you to hit my balls as hard as you can with a mallet. You can film it and I’ll sign whatever you want, a disclaimer, anything. I just need you to hit my balls as hard as you possibly can with my mallet. Please please please…” You know the sort. Well, I do anyway. My inbox is full of these guys.

The idea piqued my interest. I’ve always liked the idea of using a mallet. As a tool it’s very useful, powerful, reliable, and a little bit sexy. As a ballbusting instrument, I was unsure. Could nuts survive a heavy 3 pound mallet? I had one delivered to my home. Instantly I could tell that it had the potential to cause massive devastation, if swung with abandon into a set of vulnerable, resting testicles. 

How did you prepare?

I decided to do a bit of research, before actually using the mallet on a set of human balls. I sourced an impressively large castrated testicle to practice on. It was very big, much bigger than most balls I get my hands on. I practiced hitting the castrated testicle with the mallet at different forces. I actually recorded this experiment and it turned out hilarious, because the testicle was extremely slippery. Every-time I hit it, it flew about my kitchen at lightening speed OMG! πŸ˜‚

It was funny but frustrating. I wanted to turn this big handsome ball into pink mist, but it kept escaping! Zing! The mallet caused it to fly off the table each time. Definitely a surreal experience to have on a Sunday afternoon 🀣

As a result, it took several full force smashes for me to annihilate it. I picked it up afterwards, and it was nothing but string-y cum-smelling ball-goo. I know what a ruptured ball in a sac looks like. But seeing how utterly pathetic and fragile testicles are after a few smashes, it really makes me wonder. Are testicles designed to break? Silly, badly designed testicles!

*Close your eyes and smack yourself in the balls 5 times, with your fist*

My little experiment helped me figure things out. Namely, if I wanted to get a good ‘smashy smashy’ into real human nuts, I would need him to wear some sort of restrictive ball-pouch. This would keep everything securely in place and ensure a REALLY good smash first time, as well as keeping all the power of the mallet contained onto the testicles.

How it all happened…

When I told the mallet volunteer about it he thought it was a great idea! He had never used a testicle pouch before though, so it took him ages to stuff his stupid worthless gonads into the slick silicone pouch. All while the camera was running. Time’s a ticking boy-o come on! 

I patiently waited, all the while thinking about how silly he looked, lubing his nuts up and stuffing them into this pouch. It took a few tries to get it to work, but I was just happy that I was going to be using my new extremely heavy mallet on human testicles very very soon! πŸ€—

It was going to be super funny watching his reaction, when he got his scrotum utterly flattened in an instant. But, I was still not completely sure what state his balls were going to be in afterwards 😱

He finished putting on the ball-pouch and gingerly put his balls onto the table. I told him to turn on the slow motion camera to his right. I did a short countdown,




and then I hit his balls so fucking hard with the mallet!


There was a second of disbelief and shock in both of our faces.

The testicles had been pulverised and instantly turned into pink goo.

In just a fraction of a second, the testicles were crushed so badly that the contents of his ballsac turned into a kind of pink liquid ball-spaghetti.

His family jewels went from fully-functioning, to partially spurting out of the two holes in the bottom of the silicone ball pouch like Play-Doh. 

The structure of his testicles had been compromised. I suspect that the little ball-pouch addition was mostly to blame. It caused the mallet to be very effective at crushing testicles, in fact you could say too effective, as he did not have much down there left to ‘bust’ anymore 😈

The mallet had come down on his balls like the fist of an angry god. In just a couple milliseconds, the sheer force had instantly triggered millions of delicate nerve endings, sending mind bending pain up through his abdomen and into his silly male brain.

Yards of tightly wound up, sperm producing, lobules cried out in terror before being suddenly silenced, and turned into a kind of testicle soup.

Long lengthwise fractures appeared in the tough fibrous cover of the testes, at the same time, the force of the blow could not be contained by the diaphanous membrane that was the stretched out scrotum, and it burst like a teensy weeny dam.

The pinkish ball-goo shot out of the holes in the bottom of the pouch, as if I had simply hit a tube of spermy toothpaste. A bit of sticky testicle matter travelled extra far and landed on my dining room table. Suffice to say, I was actually, properly, shocked. 

From my experiments with the castrated testicle, I had thought that the human testicles would have taken several blows at least, to catastrophically destroy them. I presumed that after one hit, he would have definitely been feeling it. Badly. Maybe he would have even backed out of going further. You never know.

But, the ‘Mallet Destroys Balls‘ attempt only took one big hit, and just like he said he wanted, it permanently damaged his balls. To be honest, there wasn’t much left of his balls afterwards, he basically had no balls now.

What happened next? How did he react?

Understandably, he screamed, shrieked and started hyperventilating.

He instinctively grabbed down to where his balls ‘were’ and started freaking the fuck out.

“My balls! My balls!”

How did you react?!

I just laughed at him. LOL.

I was in shock too, but for different reasons. Shocked at how effective the mallet and pouch was. Shocked it only took one hit. Shocked at the ball matter flying out over my kitchen. Shocked at the mess of boy left on my floor.

I think, maybe we all learned a lesson that day. Primarily, don’t hit your balls absolutely as hard as you possibly can. Especially while they are immobilised in a silicone pouch. On top of using the largest, heaviest mallet you can get your hands on.

Live and learn! 

Where can I watch the video?!

If your dick got hard, your brain tingled or your balls twinged at reading this blog, then you need to watch the ‘Mallet Destroys Balls‘ video.

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