A Date With My Knee

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A must-watch ballbusting classic! A ballbusting virgin I met on Tinder was 100% certain that knees in the balls don’t hurt that bad. He bet his balls. And, it turns out, his “dignity” as well. I give him the hardest knee of my life, and he embarrasses himself spectacularly by blowing chunks…. you really need to see it to believe it!

(mp4, 2:30 minutes, HD 1080p)

3 reviews for A Date With My Knee

  1. homer

    Loud noises were cool. so was the thump. so was the high pitched squeals

  2. Nena

    Watching Stacy hurt men has really helped me through my very boring quarantine. You can tell that she is one of us, she really loves it. Also, this video in particular is strangely relaxing, the sound of the broken guy moaning is oddly relaxing. Kinda like white noise to help me sleep. 😀

  3. Gecko

    Well, I just know it wouldn’t happen to me! So, I will not be nervous if I expressed a deep hidden desire for your company if we ever met in a dark alley. If you simply smiled and asked me to stand still, Well, Why Not?
    Bet Ya :),

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