One Week of Ballbusting (Fertility Experiment)

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Mum always warned us, “Don’t kick a boy in the balls too much, because you can make him infertile.” But how accurate is this old wives tale? Can regular daily ballbusting make a boy infertile by reducing sperm quantity or quality? Ballbusting Scientist Stacy had to find out!

First I used a sperm count fertility test on this guys semen sample. He hadn’t been allowed to cum for weeks. Then, every day for one whole week I delivered the most devastating full-force 10/10 running ball kicks. I held nothing back, since it’s for science, I needed to try to absolutely destroy every part of his stupid testicles.
Every day he ends up on the floor, his balls aching, unable to recover from such regular abuse. Even my feet got bruised from this experiment, so you can imagine what it did to his worthless testes LOL. But don’t worry, Miss BallbustingStacy had loads of fun and got to wear new sexy and revealing outfits each day!

At the end of the week, we did another fertility test on his broken balls to find out what effects this week-long adventure had on his little spermies – you’ll have to watch to find out 😉

The video is 37 minutes long, and has fun things like slow motion replays, detailed breakdowns on how to kick nuts properly to induce true ball-regret, and more!

(37 minutes, 1080p HD, 800MB)

2 reviews for One Week of Ballbusting (Fertility Experiment)

  1. SoreBallsPinDick

    A very interesting and worthwhile experiment. My Mistress dropped my high motile sperm count into the loser end of the low count division by cracking my nuts hard regularly for 2.5 months. She did it to remove any chance of my small penis genes from ever contaminating the gene pool. I am sure you have also done a great service to women of the future by making many little dicked losers infertile too. 😉

  2. Ryan Cone

    I want to be next for fertility experiment #2

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