Tasering Testicles

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Is this BallbustingStacy’s cruelest video yet?

I get dressed up as a cowgirl, wearing the skimpiest denim shorts I can find, a plaid flannel shirt, a cowgirl hat and boots.

I can’t wait to try out my new animal taser on my ball-slave, in three different ways 1) digging it right into his nutmeat 2) tasering his sensitive testicle cords 3) lubricating his balls and then tasering them to smithereens! All in the name of ballbusting science!

Oh, and just to be on the safe side, I also finish the testicles off with massive hammer-fists into his indignant, newly electro-fried meat-clackers. The boy is completely tapped out by the end. He’ll likely never want another session, if his balls even survived.

(1080 HD, 16 minutes, two camera angles).

3 reviews for Tasering Testicles

  1. J (verified owner)

    Jesus CHRIST the sound as you send that electric into his bollocks!
    I don’t think I’d have the stones to let you loose on me with that!

  2. Eddieshien

    Well, my girlfriend surprised me on night as I was sleeping. She pulled the sheets back exposing my penis & testicle. Then she took her taser & pressed it against my testicles & I immediately woke up as she hit my testicles with the second jolt. I did a lot of squirming around as she got on top of me & next thing I knew was feeling the electrical jolt to my cock & then to my balls. I could not believe it but my cock got hard, my balls ached & let her have her way shocking my cock & balls until I pleaded for her to stop as I could see the probe marks where my cock & balls were in total pain. That is when she stopped but she did get up off me & kicked my balls a half a dozen until they were swelling up.

  3. T Learson

    Quite a few years ago I was sent to a juveville correctional facillity for stealing a car amongst other things. There were about 1/2 or more female correctional officers and they knew how to keep young males in line. Most carried pepper spray/tasers and would frisk/strip search us often. Most enjoyed this, no doubt.. Having our nuts squeezed or even tasered by the female guards was considered everyday occurance as they were half the strength of the inmates. Having your nuts squeezed and then tasered by a woman while your naked in a restraint, teaches you to follow her orders and not spit on the guards, This video reminds me of those few occasions, while stunningly painful at the time, somehow I wish these women were doing it to me again.

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