Tasering Testicles


Is this BallbustingStacy’s cruelest video yet?

I get dressed up as a cowgirl, wearing the skimpiest denim shorts I can find, a plaid flannel shirt, a cowgirl hat and boots.

I can’t wait to try out my new animal taser on my ball-slave, in three different ways 1) digging it right into his nutmeat 2) tasering his sensitive testicle cords 3) lubricating his balls and then tasering them to smithereens! All in the name of ballbusting science!

Oh, and just to be on the safe side, I also finish the testicles off with massive hammer-fists into his indignant, newly electro-fried meat-clackers. The boy is completely tapped out by the end. He’ll likely never want another session, if his balls even survived.

(1080 HD, 16 minutes, two camera angles).


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