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There was also Empress Theodora of Byzantium who used to masturbate and become sexually excited from watching men having their private parts chopped off. Then there’s the Egyptians who used to collect their enemies’ penises after a battle from the prisoners and the slain, perhaps it was the women who had that task?

Another one for Theodora:

These are probably decisions you will never have to make. However, castration and clitoridectomies have been performed for centuries. They are sometimes voluntary, but most of time, involuntarily performed. For the sake of all you squeamish men out there, and curious females, I will restrict the rest of this column to castration. Oh boy. Technically, castration means removal of the scrotum, testicles or penis.

In early Rome, male castration was quite common. And some women enjoyed watching the castration of men as a means of sexual arousal. It is reported that Theodora, Emperor Justinian’s wife, liked to masturbate while watching men being castration.

Written by a young lady on this site:

I’m trying to find the original Byzantine source about Theodora. It would also be interesting to find out what the Egyptians did at the battle of Kush and the Dahomey Amazons.

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