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History proves that when girls have complete control they will go for the sensitive parts.

“Even worse fates could befall warriors brought back alive to Nermernuh encampments. Here, especially once the victim’s screams established that his medicine was broken, the work was left to the women. Most observers reported that the women were far more patient and vicious tormentors than the males. It may have been the exercise of vengeance against their lot in life, but at any rate, the females destroyed the captive by the most drawn-out and hideous means they could devise. They cut off his fingers and peeled his eyes; they stretched his tongue and charred his soles, and they invariably devoted fiendish attention to his penis and testicles. The torture went on for hours, even days, so long as the body survived. ”

Torture, Mutilation and Brutality (Comanche History)

“Phallotomy” – cutting off the penises of victims – had long been considered proof of bravery. Egyptian soldiers exhibited thousands of penises before Ramses III following the battle of Khesef-Tamahu. Among the people of Mowat a victor in battle would wear about him the penis of his conquered enemy; it was considered good luck to do so. The women of Cush cut off the
penises of wounded or slain men and stuffed them in the mouths of their enemies. The nomad Danakil who roamed the eastern desert of Ethiopia were fanatical collectors of phallic trophies. The Hittites and Arabs did the same. An old Bedouin custom required a
warrior to present his bride or her father with the severed penises of tribal foes.


I’ve no doubt Ms Stacy would quite enjoy indulging in this sort of thing had she been around at the time.

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