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And it’s to bad they don’t allow shots like this anymore and why not? The crowd loved it and so did the winner. Everyone enjoys a good nutkick.
Here’s my story of the only time a asked to be kicked there, I still like busting & getting busted but full on kicks are way to excruciating. Anyway read on or don’t read if you don’t want to.

When I was in sixth grade I started taekwondo because I wanted to get hit there & hit other guys there. After a couple lessons I quit that for karate because Karate actually teaches groin kicks which is what I wanted, and I’d never been hit there. My first karate class I told the kid I was sparring with I wasn’t wearing a cup and he could kick me there if he wanted. He thought I was crazy so I pulled my pants up a bit to show him the target and so he could see I really wasn’t wearing a cup. He shrugged and said “ok” then gave me medium hard kick, perfect aim with the top of his toes into my scrotum. I fell to the floor immediately, the pain in my balls was much worse than I expected. The instructor saw me on the ground and rushed over to ask what happened. I couldn’t really speak cause I was gasping for air but the boy who kicked me said “he’s not wearing a cup, so I kicked his testicles.” He was smirking with his arm’s folded then kinda bent down and said “how are your ball’s feeling?” but the instructor pushed him away. The pain in my balls kept getting worse and I started to cry a little and also thought I would throw up. The instructor tried to get me flat on my back but I was curled up and holding my nuts. About a full minute after the kick I was able to lay flat on my back while he pushed my knees up to my chest which helped reduce the pain a little bit. All the other kids in the class were watching and cutting up. After a couple minutes I was able to stand up even though the pain was still super intense. The instructor sat me down in his office then went back into the training area and I saw him talking with the boy who kicked me. He came back in a couple minutes later and asked if I told that boy to kick my groin. I said yes because I wanted to know what it felt like. He laughed and said “it’s the most painful strike in all of karate. How are your testicles now”? I told him my balls still hurt bad and he said “well it’s supposed to hurt that’s why we hit people there.”
I left that class and never went back.
I wanted to know what a kick in the balls felt like and after that I know it really really hurts.

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