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    How would I react if I have been hit in the balls? I’m 27 years old, ca. 1,63m high, Blond, skinny and do Not do sports
    Im very sensitive to pain seldom go outside or do sport and so I’m never been hit in the nuts luckily or at least can’t remember. I’ve rather small balls and dick.

    3.) Which posture and noises would I made after being hit in the junk how would I react ?

    4.) Would I hold my balls? Does it help?

    What of these would I do? What are normal reactions when kicked in the nuts? Which are correct?
    Do i hold my balls, belly, dick or head? Do i run away, fall down, lay on the belly or backside? Do i lay straight or crumbled up? Do i puke, contort my face, stay standing or keep fighting , do i cough, curse, cry, moan, laugh or whine?

    Does a front wedgie hurt more boys or girls why and which underwear hurt the most

    18 Does it make a difference what kind of underwear or pants u wear after a hit in the nuts?

    Are Boys whimps when getting kicked in the nuts? Do they overreact

    Are ballbusting videos real or fake? How can the guys withstand the pain?

    Are light taps or strong hits worse?

    Why is it difficult to stay standing after a kick?
    What is so funny about hitting boys in the groin?
    What is the most effective way to hurt somebody’s nuts?
    Which type of ball hurt the most for men’s nuts?
    Do u get a high pitched voice after a hit in the nuts?
    Does it hurt to squeeze ur nuts?
    After how many kicks would I go to the ground?
    What do you think bout fights with lowblows?

    How effective is a cup? Does it hurt with cup and is it important it fits?
    Why do some guys like nutpain?
    Why do boys hit each other in the balls?
    What is roshambo, nutball or sacktapping and what are the rules?
    Why do most men hold their balls?
    Why does a kick in the nuts hurt so much?
    What is ballbusting?
    How is the normal routine of a ballbusting session?
    I’ve heard that light taps hurt more. Is it true?


    And is it true that kick from behind is the most painful cause the dick isn’t in the way?
    Is it true that in a fight sometimes a kick in the balls isn’t effective cause adrenaline or drugs?
    Would men kick another in the nuts?
    How does it feel to kick someone in the nuts
    Have u ever been hit in the nuts during sports?
    Have u ever hit someone in the nuts? What is the story?
    What is ur worst nutshot story and how did u react?

    What do you think bout Verbal ballbusting
    Do Humiliation and bb always get together?
    Does it hurt to Squeeze nuts?
    Does a flick hurt against nuts?
    Does a Kick hurt more when turned on
    Wound it hurt and is it possible to be Hanging by balls
    Does the age make a difference when being kicked in the nuts?
    Why are Balls so sensitive
    How many kicks does it need to fall down
    Is it ok to kick in the balls during Street fight
    Have u ever been hit in the nuts in School or pe
    Does the Dick protect the balls
    When did u Learned that balls are weakness
    Why do guys Contort faces and say Ooh when they see a nutshot?
    Why do girls laugh when they see it and do boys laugh too?
    Does a hit hurt more in the Nuts vagina or breast
    Does it hurt if the balls are squashed Against pelvis by the kick?

    Would a Men kick another men in the balls?
    Is it possible to Crush balls or dick?
    Which Place of the ball hurt more when kicked?
    How much force do buster hit with?
    How much Kg can balls take til burst?
    For the First time bb what u need to know?
    How much time do men need to recover
    Does a hit hurt more if u Bind the balls?
    Go Bb+footfetish together?
    How many times have an average guy been hit in the nuts in life time?
    Which different forms of ballbusting are there?
    What is the normal routine of a bb session or meeting?

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    I’d say contact Stacy on loyal fans and work out a price and ask her all of these questions directly.

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    You need a hard punch to your nutsack.
    That’ll answer most of your questions.

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    Even if your balls & penis are small it won’t matter if you get kicked in your scrotum. It’d be the most extreme pain you can imagine, and that’s why we hit guys in the testicles, to inflict excruciating pain.

    You’d probably scream for the first few seconds until the real pain sets in, after the first 30 seconds or so you wouldn’t have the strength to make any sounds.

    It’s difficult to stay standing after a kick because you’re dealing with incredible agony, the pain in your balls is super intense and it radiates to your legs and belly. It really, really hurts.

    The most effective way to hurt a guys nuts is probably a snap kick to the base of his scrotum. The key is to focus on the rear part of his scrotum and make sure your strike is absorbed by his epididymus, the most sensitive part of a testicle.

    A knee strike can also be devastating since it absolutely crushes the nuts into the pelvis.

    Either a kick or knee to the nuts can inflict severe, intense pain.

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