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    Another of my real ball busting experiences with my lovely, petite, and sexy wife.
    After the experience I relayed in the last post, when my wife went hard after my nuts, and I ended up in pain for months, my wife started threatening me with some regularity. I wasn’t always sure exactly how to take it, because I had encouraged her to do so earlier in our marriage, but now, after taking multiple women’s self defense courses, so was doing so, with confidence.
    It was never a direct, in your face, “I’m going to rip your balls off!” kind of threat. It was more of a subtle implied but unspoken threat. It was “Do you now what I can do to you?”
    Of course I did. I watched her pound multiple padded attackers into submission. I watched her hand pounding and grabbing their heavily padded groin area’s. I knew what she meant.
    Sometimes, it was just her closing her fist and making a slight crunching sound. Sometimes it was a quick slap or punch that would land on my leg just below my balls.
    I thought it was cool and sexy. My dick would often get hard when she did this. But she’d also legitimately make me think. Sometimes she legitimately expected me to back down. While I thought it was sexy, to a certain extent I didn’t like it. I am the man after all, and I’m not going to be really bullied.
    I never pressed it when she threatened my balls. I’d always give in, and it was nothing big. It was normally very small stuff, but when she said it, she was usually kind of miffed.
    One day, I decided not to give in. We had a little argument. Nothing big, either of us were particularly mad. It was probably more a heated debated than an argument. Suddenly her shot out, striking my thigh, just below my balls.
    Normally I would be surprised, and then not push it anymore. I had grown somewhat tired of this however. Maybe part of me was just turned on and I wanted to fuck her.
    Instantly I moved, grabbing a hold of her from behind and squeezing her enormous breasts hard ad lifting her off her feet. I decided I’d show her who was the boss, and strip her naked and molest her.
    No, I was not a stranger. I am her beloved husband who she loves, so she wasn’t going to treat me like she would a man on the street. But after I threw her down and started to strip her, she resisted in the way she thought best, perhaps in the way she thought would turn me on, and that’s by going hard after my balls.
    I quickly learned it’s hard to physically control a woman who is going hard after your testicles. You simply have to be quite defensive and careful, because one moments slip, and it can be all over.
    To do what I wanted to, I needed to strip, which I quickly did. Unfortunately, that left my bare balls vulnerable. I knew if she grabbed them, that would be it. Even a strike could be devasting.
    Truth of the matter is, I was mostly on the defensive. More than once, I ended up simply curling up and protecting my balls. She probably could have struck me hard in the head with her hammer fists, but she did not. She also I think could have gouged my eyes, but of course she didn’t. She just grabbed at my nuts.
    It wasn’t going very good, but I didn’t want to give up. On more than one occasion, when I was curled up, she had simply walked away. Content that she’d fought me off. But I would get up and go after her again. I really just simply didn’t want to be beaten. I decided to push it and keep trying.
    I remember late in our tussle when I tried again she shouted “Oh no!” and sounded somewhat exasperated. I was certainly enjoying our time as I had a major hard on through out.
    Finally, after several minutes, I don’t know how it happened. I was behind her and controlling her quite well, so I thought. I was going to throw her down, when somehow she got a hand free. I didn’t even see it, I just suddenly felt her hand encircle my balls, holding them firmly. She twisted them slightly, but I felt no pain. She moved her fingers slightly as I felt all the slackness disappear. My balls had zero room to move.
    I felt a moment of fear as I wondered what my beloved would do next. Would I be in agony as her had compressed them? My heart beat immediately raced, but I was frozen with fear.
    However, just as suddenly as she’d grabbed me, she immediately released her grip without so much as even a tiny squeeze or pull. Humiliated, I pressed on even after she released me, forcing her to the ground on her stomach. However, she had completely become deadweight as I pulled on arm up behind her back, my weight resting upon her petite and extremely desirable frame.
    I could now do whatever I wanted, finger fuck her if I wished, but I knew she had beaten me, and not only that she had let me go. Her strong arm could easily have pulled my sack right off if she wished. I stopped, knowing it was hollow continue to wrestle dead weight.
    She quickly got up and started back to doing whatever she was doing. She wasn’t the least bit mad. She only said “I had your balls, you know,” as if I didn’t know. I thought it was funny if she thinks I hadn’t noticed.
    “I know,” was my reply. Though I was firmly and completely beaten that day, she never once said another word about it, or gloated in anyway.

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