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    This happened late December 2009. I had been married a couple of years and we were staying with family over Christmas in Florida. My wife and I were both in bed, it was probably about 11 PM. I wanted sex, my wife did not. She was tired and trying to sleep. I decided to push her.
    My dick was hard and she was turned away from me. So I began to rub my dick against her back and between her butt cheeks. She kept telling me to stop, but I did not. She told me many times, and she was irritated. She was also really out of it. She sounded half asleep when she responded. I could tell she was really tired. I was also curious what she would do.
    Suddenly, and without any further warning, as I rubbed my dick against her, I felt her hand grasp my bare testicles. I no sooner felt her fingers around my balls then I felt this immediate and very sharp pain, stunning pain. I honestly don’t know how hard she squeezed me, but it was only for a moment and her hand immediately let me go, and I immediately rolled over and away from her.
    Then I laid there, in pain, my mind contemplating what had just happened. At first I was stunned. I could hardly believe this had just happened. My own wife, who I could lawfully have relations with, had just squeezed my balls. I had always told me wife that if a man tired to rape you, to destroy his balls.
    Part of me was mad. Part of me thought it was very hot.
    So there my sexy wife laid. I still wanted her, but now I dared not touch her. My balls ached and throbbed, but they were still intact. I never really thought about pushing It farther. That would be foolish and quite unwise.
    I laid there contemplating how unfair this was. She had squeezed my nuts, and I wasn’t really going to do anything about it. I just lay there hurting, not moving. I didn’t get the idea I couldn’t move, but I didn’t try to. My wife had went to sleep while I laid in pain.
    My nuts throbbed on and off. I finally went to sleep after about a half hour or so.
    The next morning we got up as usual. She didn’t even mention the night before. We went to Disney that day. My nuts hurt on and off all day. They hurt walking sometimes. They hurt just sitting. They hurt driving.
    At one point I broached the subject and told her she squeezed my nuts and they hurt. I wasn’t completely sure she remembered as she had been so sleepy. She acknowledged she did, and nothing more. It was probably a couple week’s later when they stopped hurting.
    I have never pressed her like that again. I’ve seen over the years her petite hands are very strong. One day doing some spring cleaning, she was bending these rather thick metal gardening pieces with her little hands so they could fit into the garbage can.
    With the kind of pain she could cause with just a momentary squeeze, I only want to imagine the kind of pain she could cause, or damage she could do, if she grabbed a set of balls and really wanted to destroy them completely.

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