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Even if your balls & penis are small it won’t matter if you get kicked in your scrotum. It’d be the most extreme pain you can imagine, and that’s why we hit guys in the testicles, to inflict excruciating pain.

You’d probably scream for the first few seconds until the real pain sets in, after the first 30 seconds or so you wouldn’t have the strength to make any sounds.

It’s difficult to stay standing after a kick because you’re dealing with incredible agony, the pain in your balls is super intense and it radiates to your legs and belly. It really, really hurts.

The most effective way to hurt a guys nuts is probably a snap kick to the base of his scrotum. The key is to focus on the rear part of his scrotum and make sure your strike is absorbed by his epididymus, the most sensitive part of a testicle.

A knee strike can also be devastating since it absolutely crushes the nuts into the pelvis.

Either a kick or knee to the nuts can inflict severe, intense pain.

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