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    One has to be a little careful of what they wish for. I always used to want a ball breaking babe, but I personally found these were hard to find. I never really ever did find a good young single one with no kids. That’s fine, it’s probably not the best criteria for a marriage.
    When I meet my wife, she obviously wasn’t into beating balls, even though I did tell her before we married I really dug that. She did have one pretty cool story of when she had to mash a set, which I found to be quite a turn on, but being a dom was definitely not her thing.
    On top of this, she wasn’t very athletic. She’s short and I’d say not particularly well coordinated. She was never into athletics, didn’t have much aerobic endurance…a real girly girl. She did have one pretty cool physical trait for a guy like me, she was quite strong for a girl her size.
    The only thing she much did athletically as a woman was lift weight, but she was fairly consistent and good at it. She didn’t lift much with me, but the few times we did, she was impressive. My memory is she deadlifted 185 pounds, and she curled 30 pound dumbbells for multiple sets in good form. She weighed only about 125. I think her strength was developed though more from the years of factory work she did, lifting and moving heavy objects.
    Anyway, I still wanted a beautiful, ball breaking babe. So I got to work trying to get her to take some self defense classes. After years, she finally relented, and went really just to please me. Watching her graduation fights were erotic extasy. She seemed so dangerous and mean, pounding on heavily padded men. Sure it was ultimately their job to lose, but she was nonetheless so fierce.
    She took intro and advanced classes, fighting even multiple or armed attackers. I finally had what I wanted, a women who could potentially do some serious harm with her body if so motivated.
    However, one thing I noticed after all her training is she became more aggressive towards me, and confident. More than once she threatened me. Not an immediate “I’m going to kick your ass right now,” but more like a “I could really hurt you if I wanted too, so don’t provoke me.”
    I found this rather sexy, as this was what I always wanted, but then I always questioned the logic of getting my own wife trained to a point where she could potentially kill me with her bare hands.
    It rather cooled down a few months after her last class, but hen came the incidence. It happened on I think Thursday night, sometime maybe in 2017 or 18. I don’t remember exactly when.
    I was talking with my wife and oldest son, and my wife said something funny and very stupid, and I started laughing a lot. I was laughing really at her, and it was a sincere unforced laugh. Not one that was meant to be at all mean, but I legitimately just thought what she said was funny.
    My son and I retreated into his room, as I did not want to keep laughing in front of my wife’s face. But we continued to laugh for quite a while. After several minutes of continued laughter, my wife showed up in my sons room. I was sitting on the bed and continued to laugh.
    Without saying anything to me, she walks right in front of me, then reaches her hand between my legs, apparently attempting to grab and squeeze my balls. I feel her fingers on my balls, and I suddenly got a huge dump of adrenaline, and with lightening quickness, push back her arm, and immediately get up to assume a more defensive position.
    I quickly manage to move out of the bedroom, and begin backing up facing my wife, who has followed me out into the hallway. I took Tae Kwon Doe when I was in high school, and I learned and practiced a fairly defensive style, and I was fairly good at it, and am certainly more athletic and quick than my wife.
    As I backed up, my wife continued to attack my balls, attempting to grab at them, punch or knee them. I kept her at a distance, so she didn’t get much of a chance to knee them. Her attacks were mostly with her hands and she attempted to grab or strike them. I had room to maneuver when I reached our family room, and I continued to elude her, often blocking her grab attempts by parrying her arms.
    This went on for several minutes, my wife saying nothing, simply attacking my nuts. I began to become weary playing defense like this, and wondered how long I could hold off and continue. I wondered what she’d do to my balls if she were able to grasp them firmly.
    Did she just want to grab them just to show me what she could, and I’d better shut up. Or would she actually cause them great pain and damage, or even destroy them like I know she could. While her hands are small, they are very strong. I’d seen her bend fairly thick steel in them. I am fairly certain she could easily and quickly flatten them if she wished.
    I thought briefly about striking her. It could be justified, but I loved her and didn’t want to hurt her, and I didn’t want to potentially escalate the encounter, because I truly didn’t believe she would badly hurt me if she were able to grab them. I didn’t want to find out though. So I continued to dodge.
    Finally, merciful after many minutes, I think about 10, she gave up chasing me. She left me and started doing whatever she was previously doing. I asked her what she was going to do if she’d have gotten ahold of my balls, but she didn’t answer.
    Part of me briefly thought it was really cool, the way she was going after me. I thought maybe I should of just let her have me. But then my adrenaline started to wear off.
    I started to become aware of pain in my balls. My wife said good night and went to bed. She doesn’t usually stay mad for very long. I stayed up to watch TV and relax, and my balls started to ache more and more. After about a half hour I was in real pain, especially the right testicle.
    I hurt and hurt, no matter what I did I hurt. I couldn’t understand what happened, as far as I knew she never really got my testicles. I figured, and this is my best guess, as when she first reached for them she was able to squeeze me pretty good, would caused the adrenaline reaction.
    I went in after a bit and went to sleep. When I woke up, I hurt on and off all day. I literally hurt on and off for months. For a while, I wasn’t sure if my balls would ever not hurt. But they did finally stop hurting.
    Moral of this true-life story, be careful what you wish for. My balls hurt for months, because my trained wife got mad at me.

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