When will you do that paintball to the nuts video?

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    Like the topic says, I’d love to see you shooting some guy’s balls or something, maybe with another domme. I saw you wrote something about it on your Onlyfans. Any luck with that?

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    Arthur, I’d like to. I’m always trying to arrange that. I have the paintball gun ready if someone wants to volunteer. I just don’t believe boys anymore when they say they will let me do that since they never show up when it’s time to put their money where their balls are.

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    I played paintball and the man said it takes a half an hour to recover from a nut shot

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    Jay Aches

    Kinda surprised that the guy who allowed you to cattle prod and vise his balls wouldn’t be willing to take a paintball (or ten.) Maybe if you opt not to shoot bare nut flesh and warm the balls (paintballs) to soften them up first you can coax out some volunteers. Whatever you do, don’t you dare even think about freezing one paintball for the final shot to surprise him with, because that would be rather mean :p

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    Haha I guess it’s a bit different having your balls shocked vs having a small round hard ball of paint come hurtling towards ya bare nutsack at god knows what speeds, from a few feet away lol.

    I’ve tried to get guys to agree to it by just paintball shooting them while they’re fully clothed! And that’s ordinarily pretty painful, they start screaming and hollering. And then that puts them off doing it naked or doing it to just their balls!

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    C’est dommage que je ne sois pas dans le bon pays, je vous offrirai mes couilles avec plaisir.


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    I will literally let you do that. 10 paintballs if you want.

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    Hey Stacy
    I’m still up for it, if we can make a time work.
    FYI – my twitter account has been frozen….mail me.
    Can’t be worse than the baseball bat!

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    Jay Aches

    Yo Stay-cee!
    I came across this (not quite literally) on a different perverts’ forum and something about it reminded me of you. Can’t quite put my finger on it…


    Also, like that you’ve donned a headband Rambo-style, and stenciled STACY on your paintball gun (and that it can somehow fire without an air tank lol.) Why don’t you put some of these dudes above INTO their misery and pull the trigger on this vid!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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