Transcribed and edited from audio, name changed for privacy.

Stacy: Hi Rob, thanks for doing this interview with me. I wondered when this was going to happen [laughs] I knew if enough ballbois saw me, one day one would recognise me, especially from our school. 

Rob: Ballbois? Is that what you call us? What does that mean?

Stacy: I’m the one asking the questions here Rob! But since you asked it just means my little pervs who love ballbusting because they got their wires crossed and now desire ball death, counter to everything their chromosomes tell them. Also I think it’s a little demeaning and humiliating and I like that about it. 

Rob: Yes it is a bit demeaning and humiliating now that you mention it. Hey wait a sec, wires crossed!? [laughs]

Stacy: Yeah, come on. You know it! Okay so jumping right in, just for the record, you went to school with me, though to be fair I barely knew that you existed. Can you tell me anything about what that was like from your perspective?

Rob: I always wondered what you thought of me, I guess I’m not surprised, although I thought about you a lot. I can’t believe I found you on twitter. In case you didn’t know, I am into ballbusting now as an adult. Definitely a lot of that has to do with the school we went to and actually I think mainly because of you, even though all the girls busted balls, you were definitely the worst offender [laughs]

Stacy: [Laughs] Go on….?

Rob: Well I just mean that every bloke at the school lived in fear of getting his bollocks fucking done in, but you were particularly evil about it it seemed, and whenever girls were around you it was like you cast a spell on them and the amount of ball kicks went up, like, it seemed just by proximity to you. Wherever you went it was like oh shit man, watch yourself. 

Stacy: Ha, good times. You mentioned all the girls kicking nuts. In case someone listening to this didn’t attend our school, tell me what was that like for the boys?

Rob: Oh my god. I used to be very scared about it. I lived in fear of getting my balls done in. I thought about it whenever we had to change classes, or walk in the halls or go to our lockers or when we went to get lunch, basically anytime when we weren’t supervised directly. That’s when they got you, the girls. It’d be for any reason, or for no reason at all. All you had to do was make one the slightest bit mad, upset or even one of their friends upset and you’d get a vicious kick where it hurts. It was lights out, everyone would laugh at you, the guys would feel sorry for you a bit, but there was nothing they could do. It would just be you, alone with your ball pain, while all the girls had fun and laughed around you and often would try to kick your balls again immediately afterwards. I think you were the first one who championed that move, to get the guys again while they were down.

Stacy: Wow, are you serious? That definitely sounds like me [laughing] I totally forgot about that. 

Rob: Oh yeah you were the worst.

Stacy: And what about the teachers?  What did they do? I remember them doing literally nothing. 

Rob: Yeah that sounds right. They were pretty religious and embarrassed by the whole thing. It happened so often, it seemed like something should have been done, like parents complain or like a rebel teacher stopping it at some point, but that just never happened. It was always ignored. I remember the PE teacher, Sister Bales, she was staring right at me when this girl shin-kicked my balls so hard it felt like the world was ending. She looked away and then blew her whistle, then she came over and said, “Rob get up and quit making a scene or you’ll go straight to the head office!” It seemed so unfair, and then the girl who’d done it shouted over to her, “I think he hurt himself Miss!” !!!

Stacy: Ooh good example.

Rob: … Yeah, so because the girl gave her the OK she was like, ‘Alright Rob, go walk it off.’ Like, walk my FUCKING NUTS OFF YOU BITCH?!

Stacy: Language!

Rob: Sorry

Stacy: No I’m just kidding, go on [laughter]

Rob: I was just dying. Trying to sort my life out there on the field. Trying to figure out a way to make the pain go away so I could just get up and walk to the sideline.

Stacy: [Laughing] I forgot what my original question was. 

Rob: Um, the teachers?

Stacy: Oh yeah, anything else?

Rob: No, just that they did nothing. Less than nothing. Maybe they even encouraged it in a way by doing nothing. So, the worst possible environment for us lads.

Stacy: Yeah it was great. 

Rob: Oh my god. 

Stacy: So what about the boys? I know what us girls thought about it. We were well aware of the situation and totally took advantage of it, just so you know, we all talked about it and laughed about it behind the boys’ backs. Sometimes at sleepovers and stuff we’d even make charts to see who had kicked the most balls, and which boys had been kicked and who needed to be kicked more. 

Rob: Wow. That makes sense now. And at the same time is also terrible, that you girls were planning to snuff the life out of our testicles. 

Stacy: Bit dramatic but I’ll allow it. You’re such a nerd Rob. [laughter] No wonder I killed your balls. 

Rob: Oh my god this is still embarrassing actually. I’m blushing so hard. You make me feel like a stupid teenager again.  

Stacy: That’s my specialty I think. So anyway this is the thing I’m fascinated with about you ballbois. You were terrified, you didn’t like getting your balls kicked. You were afraid of all the girls, and especially me. Now you’re into ballbusting. So what happened? How did it start for you?

Rob: I guess it started the same time I started going to that school. I’d see guys get kicked in the balls and it would make me feel so vulnerable and ashamed. Then I’d be watching a movie with my parents and a guy would get hit in the nuts and everyone would laugh, and I’d feel very uncomfortable, I’d feel that it was unfair that I had this weakness and everyone knew about it and not only was it a terrible debilitating weak spot, but also it was a huge joke that everyone laughed at. The big strong male was a joke and the testicles were the punchline. 

Stacy: [Laughing] That’s funny! But yeah, it is always funny [Laughing]

Rob: Ugh yeah, right. So I’d always try to avoid causing trouble in school. I tried to keep my head down low, not date anyone, not piss any girls off. In the lunchroom when it was just the lads we’d talk shit about the girls, but if one walked by we’d immediately be hushed. We honestly lived in fear. Everyone knew, or at least believed, that if you got kicked in the balls, that was it. You probably couldn’t have kids anymore, your family line was finished, not only that, but maybe your dick wouldn’t be able to get hard afterwards, like ever again. The girls always rubbed this fear in our faces too, saying how we wont get boners like a real man anymore, because of it.

Stacy: Ooo! Such good banter.

Rob: Yeah, they stuck in my head. 

Stacy: Good lines after you killed some balls were essential for street cred among the girls. 

Rob: I remember, and it really made it worse. We didn’t know things back then, we were young. We thought the girls knew what they were talking about. And there was that boy you kicked and he never came back to school. I heard he lost a ball. 

Stacy: Was that real? You know what rumours in school are like. Maybe he just got expelled or something.

Rob: I honestly don’t know. But it only made the fear worse. In my time at that school I saw guys puke, pass out, go to the nurse and then have to leave for the day, I saw guys sent home, and so many guys reduced to tears.

Stacy: [Laughter] You make it sound worse than it was

Rob: No it was that bad. 

Stacy: Alright, well, I’m not going to apologise, and some of the boys liked it I’m sure. Sometimes they’d even egg on the girls. I thought it was great, there was ball-tainment everywhere you looked. So what else is there, I get that you were afraid. What switched it to how you are now?

Rob: It’s embarrassing really. 

Stacy: Go on Rob, you’re in a safe space. 

Rob: … Stace I dunno: 

Stacy: Oh my God just spit it out. 

Rob: Well it was you.

Stacy: What was me?

Rob: Well I got through the years pretty well, although I did get kicked and slammed and smashed in the balls, none of it was by you! I deliberately avoided you more than anyone because you were the most ruthless of them all.

Stacy: What?? No way!

Rob: Yeah, I started by avoiding you. I kept tabs on where you were, and followed you around while keeping my distance. I’d learn your schedule and things. But watching you, you were an odd one. In spite of being totally mean and ruthless and seemingly completely heartless about ballbusting the lads, you were also also really nice and kind to the girls around you, and the younger students. You were a force to be reckoned with Stacy. 

Stacy: Aww!

Rob: You were a weird and scary paradox. You and the other girls started puberty way before the boys I swear, because you all shot up in height and had massive tits. I was very afraid of you but also turned on [laughs]. 

Stacy: [laughs] I can see how that could happen!

Rob: After watching you all the time and following you, and at the same time avoiding you, avoiding your gaze, but at the same time trying to stare up your skirt and down your top at every possible opportunity. I was thinking about you all the time to the point of obsession, I guess I kinda… You know, developed a confusing crush on you.

Stacy: What? What!!

Rob: Yeah

Stacy: How long have you been sitting on this? You’re telling me now?!

Rob: Years. 

Stacy: Wow, so then what the fuck happened?! Did I ever kick your balls? There would be no leaving you out I’m sure!

Rob: [Laughter] You did exactly that!

Stacy: Alright alright, what happened then? Because I barely remember any of this. And I still honestly only really remember you because you showed me a picture of what you looked like back then, sorry. 

Rob: Well one day I knew you were in math class, so I was safe because I had PE. I headed to my locker. I wasn’t the best looking guy in the school so i’m not surprised you don’t remember me. I wasn’t thinking about you at all, and I was bending over in my gym shorts and had opened my locker and was rummaging through my bag when all of the sudden my head was IN my locker. My legs went everywhere and I couldn’t stand up. I was lifted off my feet and fell back down like a rag doll. What was happening??? Suddenly I could feel my balls burning. This was the worst one ever. They had been shattered. Whoever had gotten them had the deadly aim of a sniper. My whole body was on fire, I couldn’t breathe, the pain spread to every fibre of my being. I’d been kicked in the balls before, but that was amateur hour compared to this. My chest was seizing up. My eyesight was getting dim. Was I dying? I took a breath. The darkness receded a bit but the pain exploded even more. 

Stacy: I should have made popcorn. Go on…

Rob: I turned around and it was you, standing with the light behind you looking like an angel. Do you remember what you said?

Stacy: [Laughter] Uh, no! 

Rob: You said, “Erin said you called me a bitch! Would a bitch do that? Huh???”

Stacy: [Laughter] Great!

Rob: I didn’t know what to say to that, but then you said, “Answer me Rob!” so I said, “I don’t know” and you got down low with one knee next to my face, and I could see straight up your skirt and you were wearing white panties with little cherries on them and you must have saw me staring, and you said, “Aw you don’t know?” and you rubbed my shoulder. Then you said, “Did you really say that to Erin? Look up here Rob, my eyes are up here.” And I looked up at your eyes and you had a big grin on your face. Your friend had come along now too. I don’t know what I said to Erin, but I don’t think I would have told her you were a bitch, but definitely me and all the guys called you a bitch all the time when no girls were around, and I called you a bitch more than anyone because I was so in love with you and didn’t want anyone to suspect as much. So I said, “No, Erin’s a bitch, not you.”  After that, you jumped on top of me. As I lay there and I could feel your butt on my chest and you didn’t weigh as much as I had imagined, but you put your knees on my arms so they were pinned to the floor and then your friend grabbed my feet. I’d never been with a girl so close before, and it was hot and strange and I could feel your pussy on my chest through my shirt, or at least, I think so, and my balls still hurt so bad, part of me just wanted to scream “I love you! Please forgive me!”. Then you started punching my balls, punching with each word, you said, ‘Don’t! Call! Women! Bitches! Rob!’ 

Stacy: Ha, I still do that move…

Rob: Then you brought both your hands together and slammed them both into my balls. Your friend encouraged you, and I couldn’t stop myself from crying out, so you turned around and slammed your hand over my mouth. You said, real close to my face, “Rob, you were bad, but don’t make a fuss. In the future, the answer is yes. A bitch would do that.”. Then you kissed my cheek and using my body kind of like a step you got up off me and gave me a nudge with your foot. “Come on Rob, get up. Don’t be a baby. See ya!” and you just like, skipped off. 

Stacy: Wow. I was so cool. Damn. What did you do?

Rob: My balls were on fire. Just so much worse than I’d ever felt before and I was emotional because it was you who did it to me… I started crying. I laid there and cried for a while. 

Stacy: Boring, what next?

Rob: Then the bell rang and it snapped me out of it. I got up, and went back to my open locker. I had to get dressed out of my gym clothes. While I was there I quickly checked my balls. I was freaking out because they looked huge and swollen! It didn’t look normal and my left ball felt extremely so sensitive I could barely touch it. I was thinking about going to the school nurse but I was too embarrassed.

Stacy: Aw I got ’em good [laughter]

Rob: I couldn’t wank for a week. I tried a couple times but it honestly hurt too much. I’d get this stabbing pain in my left nut and a pinching feeling all over my sac. Extremely unpleasant. The bruises on my sac went from black to blue after about a week. When I finally I had a wank, and it was the hugest cumload I had ever shot. Rope after rope after rope of bruised jizz and I was just thinking about your panties the whole time. The curve of the little cherries as they followed the outline of your pussy was etched into my mind as my balls just continued their aching. I immediately wanked again, thinking about how you sat on top of me and I could feel your butt on my chest, as you beat my balls and yelled at me, I relived every moment in perfect detail and thought about your panties in my face and I came so hard again my swollen bruised balls started to hurt super bad, like I just wasn’t supposed to cum this hard yet. 

Stacy: Kinda gross…

Rob: Sorry but literally every time after that I’d wank thinking about how you gave my balls the worst beating of their life, even to this day, and you completely broke me and busted me into utter submission while laughing at me and barely breaking a sweat. It turned me on so much. But I was ashamed. 

Stacy: Yup, well you’re a filthy ball-pervert now. Wires crossed and all. 

Rob: Definitely. I guess you’re right.

Stacy: How come you never told me? You never spoke to me again I’m guessing. 

Rob: Yeah, I never did. I still kind of avoided you, I was confused. I was deeply embarrassed and confused by my feelings, and you were popular and beautiful and older than me and I was nothing to you. I just kept it all inside, I couldn’t tell anyone. That year I left the school, and now I live in a different country, but ballbusting porn has been my main go-to for wanks ever since I discovered you and it’s existence. 

Stacy: Yeah how did you come to discover ballbusting porn anyway?

Rob: It started by watching clips of busts in movies, and re-watching those movies… And I found forums where I realised there were whole communities of guys who liked this and they posted videos and there was even a sex word for it, ‘ballbusting,’ From there I guess the rest is history, for me. 

Stacy: And how did you find me? Were you surprised to find me doing this stuff?!

Rob: It was in this forum I was on, people were talking about “A Date With My Knee” saying “yeah this chick is insane she knees this guy so hard he pukes.” Someone else said you had a testicle rupture video, and they described you and some of your other videos. I was thinking, tall, British, slender, big boobs, totally cruel, but also funny and down to earth and I thought, that reminds me of my crush back in London. So I found your twitter and got one of your videos and I was like holy shit! Then I got every one of your videos except one where you cook a severed testicle and I was like Jesus Christ! I know that girl!

Stacy: Here I am!

Rob: So… what do you say Stacy? 

Stacy: What do I say to what, Rob?

Rob: How about a date?…

Stacy: [Laughter] No. 

Rob: Oh. Right. Okay. Yeah, no biggie. 

Stacy: But thanks for the interview Rob! You’ve been great! Glad I helped make you what you are today! [kissing noise]

Rob: You’re welcome! Yes thank you! Thanks Stacy!

Stacy: See ya Rob! [Hangs up] 

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