there’s a special place in my heart for boys who love testicle pain so much that they want to risk losing their semi-precious stones. 

as i’m sure many of my readers are aware, even though i think of myself as a nice person, i don’t really give a single fuck about your balls, so i do a lot of very mean things to testicles for boys who are into it. 

it’s a fun list: absolutely mind blowing full force ball kicking; full weight ball standing; speedball nut-boxing; even squeezing a nut so hard it fucking explodes; kneeing balls so hard you puke… really the ball torture list goes on and on, but one of my favourite things is definitely jamming surgically sharp needles straight through your testicles in one end and out the other, one after the other until, ideally, it looks like a fucking pincushion! i’ve done it a few times, but i always want to try to make it more and more painful. i like to think, if the boy isn’t sweating profusely, screaming at the top of his lungs for mercy, and un-ironically begging me to stop, then is he even getting his money’s worth? is he??? no. an ideal session, to me, ends with the boy on the floor seriously regretting his decision to ever step foot in my lair, and perhaps reconsidering just what the heck is wrong with his brain that makes him even ‘enjoy’ this abuse. the amount of times i hear “no! stop!” and then i look down and see his raging boner, it gives me mixed messages, yo! i know later on that day, if he’s able to touch his weiner without experiencing some pain, then he’s gonna be having the most delicious wank of the year, thinking about our evil little fun session.

But back to what I was talking about. Have you ever pricked your finger with a pin? Or gotten a tiny glass splinter in your foot? It hurts doesn’t it? Now imagine you don’t stop there. Imaging you keep going, digging into your flesh, growing the needle hole, slicing through nerve endings and then through different layers of skin, into gristle, into muscle… The pain grows exponentially, it becomes a white hot stabbing feeling. But then, my adventurous boy, imagine that I’m stabbing your fucking nutsac!

So, here’s how it goes down. This guy wants me to do a no mercy, no safeword session and he says he wants to sign a paper absolving me of any and all responsibility. I tell him what I want to do and he just gets hornier and hornier as I go down the list of things I’ll be doing. I check and double check, are you sure? Are you really sure you’re sure? Once I start there’s no backing out… Well, he says he’s sure! 

First I put on my sexy nurse outfit with my huge 30FF titties ‘busting’ out of it, and my very sensible white nurse heels. I’m already pretty tall (5’9), but these help me tower over him and his weakling balls. 

Now I told him to shave his nutsac before our session, because I don’t want any hairs getting in the way, or trapping bacteria and leading to infection, because shit’s about to get very fucking real. If he’s afraid of needles well then… I don’t fucking care! He’s about to get ball stabbed so he’d better shut the fuck up! I jam a nice friendly ball gag into his mouth. I hope he doesn’t regret this. I make sure he’s tied up super tight with leather restraints. His legs, arms, elbows, knees, chest, and belly are all trussed up tight. But also put a nice latex pillow under his butt (for comfort). It’s nice to be thoughtful and make sure everyone is comfortable…. So now comes the fun part. 

Before I begin a session I always want your balls to already be very painful and sensitive so I bust out the testicle vise and squeeze it down as hard as I can until his balls are nice and mis-shaped. What happens often in my acrylic testicle vise is, first, the balls are pretty evenly crushed and sort of retain an oval shape that get bigger and bigger as they get flatter and flatter, crushing the testicle matter against itself, and starving the sperm collecting tubules of life-giving oxygen. It squishes all the tiny semineferous tubules together, disrupting the production of sperm and damaging the delicate microscopic mechanisms that keep your potential descendants in business. It causes excruciating pain and sends shockwaves of ancient biological fear straight to your heart. Some deep part of your reptile brain realises your whole reason for existing is being mangled and your involuntary responses start firing wildly. I don’t care if your man parts gets ruined, in fact I think it’s very funny. I’m actually laughing as I’m writing this. But I digress… as the balls get really fucking crushed to the max, they start to change shape from an oval, with tremendous pressure being applied and they get all fucked up and weird shaped. They end up looking a bit like a fried egg through the plexiglass. And if you leave them long enough, they turn all sorts of colours, a bit like a massive internal bruise. 

At this point he’s already bucking and screaming through his gag, spit going everywhere and he’s straining against his restraints. He’s trying to beg me to take the vise off, to tell me that he’s changed his mind [already???], he doesn’t really want to lose his balls, this was all a fantasy gone wrong. But I don’t believe any of that, that’s not what this signed paper says! Plus he made me promise not to stop, no matter what he said, if we can’t trust people’s promises, what have we got?  “No matter what I say, don’t listen to me, do your worst…” it says, so I’m definitely doing my worst, and his balls will literally never be the same… I DID warn him after all.

His balls are trapped and crushed and are going nowhere. I decide to leave him brewing for a while, and go do some shopping down the road. Let’s see, I need some… eggs! Yes. And a bit of cheese. Hmmm, but which cheese to get. I stand there a long time looking at the different varieties of cheeses. Do I want the Red Leicester or the Aged Blue Stilton? I mean, I suppose I could get both… At this exact moment he’s in the worst agony he’s ever experienced and it’s getting worse every single second. What he doesn’t know yet, is that is hasn’t really even started yet. This is just the fun warm-up to get them in the proper place, sensitivity wise. If any of you have ever had your stupid testes seriously busted, then you know how sensitive they get immediately afterwards (or so I gather/see). That’s what I’m going for. As they’re put under tremendous pressure, perhaps 150 pounds per square inch, the gooey interior of his balls is trying to force itself into places it’s not supposed to go, the sensitive and fragile Rete Teste barrier portion is trying to squeeze itself into the epididymis, which itself is being crushed into the ductus deferens. His thick ball matter is basically trying to explode out of his dick head. It’s a very exciting prospect. If I left you long enough your testicles would both be dead and I’d say, “Oops [LOL].” It’s not a precise science though, but I’m lucky because I don’t really mind either way, except that if they’re dead then the skewering isn’t as painful. HA.  

 I finish getting my groceries and head back to the dungeon. I think I ended up getting camembert and some Stinking Bishop btw, for you cheese enthusiasts.       

“Hello love, I’m back! Let’s take a look at those balls… Ooo they are looking very fucked up, nearly done I’d say! Crushed so hard and for so long they’ve turned white. I’m not sure that’s a good thing, for you. But let’s remove this vise and take a closer look.” I unscrew the vise and the crushing plate suddenly releases his pathetic male orbs in an instant, from crushed flat, to attempting to reshape into their old size, blood rushes back into them, and they start to swell up. They’re looking very red. I poke them around with my finger. He jerks and makes a muffled yell noise. It’s really funny now, just the slightest ball tap or poke is looking to be excruciatingly painful! In my book that makes them ready for the next round of consensual criminal assault(ish). 

I get my surgical gloves on. I apply the rubbing alcohol. It’s one thing to ruin and destroy a testicle from the inside out, but we don’t want him getting an infection. That’s not fun. See? I’m nice. The needles come in different sizes, but I find the 18 gauge needle to be very big and extremely scary (for everyone involved lol). Not only does it poke a hole through the meat of the testicles but it’s basically a sharp straw, so it also gouges out a big cylinder of ball flesh, excising it from its proper surroundings. Now that I think of it, it’d be funny to put my lips on the end of it and blow his newly severed ball chunks in his face! How humiliating that would be, to have to your own cummy ball-goo all up in your own damn face, talk about “spit balls!” haha!    

There’s two ways to jam needles into testicles. Ceremoniously and unceremoniously. I prefer the latter. I just jam those metal spikes into those fuckers as hard as possible, laughing the whole time. It’s more difficult than you think. I know what a diagram of a testicle looks like, but once you’re essentially stabbing a tiny cylindrical knife through the heart of one, you realise that they’re gristly, and have all sorts of things going on in there that you just have to power through. Sometimes the needles want to stick, and I have to squeeze them tight in my rubber gloves and just jam them through. It’s fun when they suddenly pop out the other side of a testicle. Then my favourite thing is to keep pushing through the ball, into the other ball! Let’s really skewer these testes, and get them ready for the BBQ! 

Once the needle is all the way through one, you have to move it around, and jiggle it to get it through the other one, causing the needle to strain against and stretch the tunnel it’s created, rubbing cold stainless steel and particles of rubbing alcohol against wildly firing raw nerve endings. Ouch! The boy on the other end of the needle is definitely experiencing so much pain at this point he’s probably screaming something like, “Kill me! PLEASE STOP!” but I can’t reaaaally understand him through the ballgag, that was his idea, such a clever boy.

So now he’s got a huge 18 gauge needle poking all the way through both his balls. He’s tied up, crying, and it looks the pain is really starting to settle in. But what’s this? On my tray I still have like 3 more needles! I don’t want the boy to get complacent… so one by one I smash them through both his balls, until they look a bit like the cover image of this blog (uncooked spaghetti through hotdog sausages). That’s from a recipe btw, weird. 

The freshly skewered ball-meat is leaking blood drops onto the floor, but that’s okay. The needles have taken out so many lil’ chunks of testicle matter, I quietly wonder whether his balls will still work after this is all over. Then I laugh and think, yeah, they almost certainly won’t!  

I tease him by saying, “Hey, nice meat platter. BTW I think your balls are gonna be fucking good and ruined after this, just like you wanted!” He muffles some response, I shrug in reply. It’s not my problem. Little does he know, that I have a real fun surprise for him and he’s going to be so happy that he chose thoughtful Miss Ballbusting Stacy to ruin him good and proper. In my bag I brought a very powerful electro wand! 

I feel like his attention had wandered at this point, the pain has taken him to a weird place it seems, but suddenly his eyes go wide. It’s as if he thought his balls couldn’t get any more painful. He’s streaming with sweat and the room smells a bit bloody and cummy from all the medieval ball torture, but it’s about to get even more fun!

Shocking testicles is excruciatingly painful, extremely unpleasant and can be damaging to the nerves. It sends the whole body through convulsions. Because his testicles are run through with tons of metal, it’s extra deliciously sadistic and cruel. They’re going to be fried from the inside out! I really wish he’d let me have taped this, everyone would wanna watch this and recoil in fear… but he’s shy. So I’m gonna teach him a lesson. When you press the button on the wand it makes a very loud crackling sound (like a taser). It’s an American purpose built item that a sub sent me and it’s actually nearly as powerful as a taser. It sounds like lightning in the room and it leaves a smell of ozone when you press it – yum! 

I slowly lower it, pressing the button again and again as I get closer to his porcupine nuts. I’m laughing my head off because it’s so funny to see him screaming and crying, before i’ve even reached them! I almost feel bad for him, but then I remember that he told me this is what he wanted and not to stop, no matter what he said. And you know, I like giving boys what they want. So… I bring the crackling wand down on the needles. I just keep my finger on the ON button and rake the lightning end across the whole of his pincushion nutsac. It’s as terrible a torture as exists anywhere in the world. This lucky sub gets to experience literally the worst pain on earth straight into the heart of his already pretty ruined testicles. I get my face close to the needles to watch the powerful exchange of 10,000 volts. I can see blue arcs or pure electricity travelling from the wand to the needles and down into the centres of his goolies. It’s a good thing he’s belted down all over or his violent bucking might tear even worse holes in his pubic disaster area. They aren’t streaming drops of blood anymore because it appears the needles have cauterised the pricks in his scrotum sac. I hate to think what’s going on inside his nutmeat… It’s probably seared and cauterized in there, and yet, the electricity keeps coming. The seconds tick by, each one an eternity for him, in this predicament.

It’s really definitely doing some really fun permanent damage as testicle lightning radiates out from the centre of his worthless nuts and into his body. As long as it’s not charred to a crisp it’s gonna keep on giving! I stop for a second because it starts to smell a bit like bacon in here, cummy bacon. The wand was loud, and now it’s silenced, but he’s still screaming through his gag. Deep breaths in, and then long screams out, then repeat. 

I stop and wait a bit. I said something like, “Hey how’s it going? Are you really sure you want me to keep going?” I can’t really hear the reply distinctly, but it’s totally clear that he screams, “No!!! Please! No!!!”.

“Oh, you’re not sure? Or are you sure?” I reply, confused. 
Now he screams, “Yes!”    
“Keep going?” I say.
“No!!! Please no!” He rages, emphatically.
“Hmmm, I can’t really understand you. It’s’ a good thing you told me before we started not to stop no matter what though, otherwise I’d definitely stop now.”  I reply.

I press the ON button again on the wand and the screaming continues. I start to bring the wand close to his balls again and he actually pees a little out of his limp dick. Well that’s gross, and pretty humiliating, but now he’s my little experimental bunny – I wonder what other reactions I could get. Again I jam the lightning wand into his ball sac for a little bit longer, I was going to do it for longer and longer, but it ran out of juice.  

Really there’s no way to fathom the amount of pain he was feeling, it must be like 10,000 stab wounds straight into his balls, each one as powerful as the last, each one radiating throughout his body travelling upwards from his groin causing his abdomen to clench, causing every muscle in his body to strain against the straps, truly a nightmare. It’s surely as close to death as he is going to get in this lifetime, until his end some day in the future, and that’ll be a cakewalk compared to this. It’s a good thing he’s young or he’d probably have died of a heart attack. I definitely can’t be doing this to everyone!  

I pack the wand away and now he’s just crying. Actually more like sobbing his poor little heart out. 

I stroke his hair a bit, “I’m sorry, I’ve nearly run out of power on my wand.” A white lie, as it’s definitely dead. I think he’ll be needing some aftercare, possibly a cup of strong tea. We are Brits after all. But first I gotta take these needles back out! What a chore!

I tell him to “Shut the fuck up or I’ll taser your balls again, you loser!” and he instantly stops crying and clenches his eyes shut. I grab what’s left of his manhood, where the needles enter his skin there’s tiny little black dots. Burn marks. I try to pull the first long needle out but wouldn’t you know it, it’s stuck. Must have burned itself into the skin. This is going to be even more painful than I thought, whoops. 

I obviously can’t leave him there with needles in his balls (that would be an awkward ER visit). So, I grab them real good and give one a solid yank, straight out. Goddamn, if I thought he was screaming before, that was nothing. This is really some terrible CBT, the worst, most vicious and cruel I’ve ever seen or heard of. It’s kinda nice to know I’m breaking new ground. 

“That’s one!” I say, to comfort him. I take a look at the skewer, it has bits of burnt testicle matter attached to it and part of the needle has changed colour to a kind of rainbowy bluish colour. It must have really gotten hot! It definitely fried his testes from the inside out. No wonder it smelled like bacon. I almost feel sorry for this guy. It makes sense if he wants to wank while thinking of the worst pain he’s ever had at the hands of a sadistic huge titted nurse who is laughing at killing his balls, but the joke’s gonna be on him if he has no balls now and can never get hard again as a result. I laugh and think, oh well, that’s his problem, not mine.     

continue with my mission and one by one yank out his electrically fried nut-skewers out. It’s not easy, they’re really stuck in there good. The last needle had also bent a bit, so I had to yank the fuck out of it, while tugging out his burnt ball-flesh as well. The poor little guy passed right out at that. Luckily I woke him up with a nice solid punch to what was left of his balls. He screamed one last hoarse, ragged and cracked scream that turned into a cough, then immediately he turned his head to the side and puked through his ball gag. Ew, this guy is all about the fluids isn’t he? Still, it’s nice to be appreciated. I take his ball gag off, and there’s tears, snot, and puke all over his face. It wasn’t a sexy look.     

“Here you go, take a nice deep breath, Nurse Stacy is done now. I’m going to put on the kettle! When I come back I’ll untie you and you can tell me all about how much you enjoyed that! I hope it was as fun for you as you hoped it would be!” I give him a little pat on the head and go make some tea and some little cheese cubes on crackers, just in case he’s hungry. I know I’ve worked up an appetite!

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