Velma Busts Ghost Nuts


Talk about ghostbusting!

Velma loses Shaggy and Scoob, then loses her glasses!
A pervy ghost ogles her upskirt panties and pays the price. His ghost balls!

Velma finds the best clue of all, a lemon squeezer! She squeezes his nuts so hard he nearly dies a second time. He actually screams the safeword, but she ignores him, at least until he’s learned his lesson.

Full force testicle kicks which leave the ghost boy literally crying. For real. She had to stop the tape while he composed himself. Featuring Velma wank-yourself-stupid slow-motion replays!

The hardest kicks this ballbusting noob has ever experienced. He shouldn’t have messed with Velma.

Upskirt, bouncing titties, lemon squeezer, full force hard kicks, punches, squeezes, crying. This has it all.

Now… if she could only find Scooby.

(mp4, 12:54 minutes, HD 1080p)


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