Ballbusting: Volume 2


Real life, true stories are the best type of ballbusting stories. Ballbusting Volume 2 takes only the wildest, most notorious nut-ripping ball abuse tales straight from the pages of history, from 21st Century newspapers to, believe it or not, 8th century BC baked clay tablets.

Real stories of real people, from the cruel Liverpudlian wannabe nut-cannibal Amanda Monti, to the heart-stopping Chinese ballpopping schoolmom. Like most things ballbusting related, BallbustingStacy has taken all these stories a step further. She isn’t just copy/pasting from the internet here, if Stacy couldn’t squeeze out extra juicy details just for you, it didn’t make the cut.

From the infamous Colorado College Co-ed trying to crush her boyfriend’s spermatic cords as the police arrived, to the first recorded ballbuster in history, the Bronze Age Assyrian “Castration Queen” Shamiramat, BallbustingStacy deep dives into the real lives of these ballbusters. Interviewing actual people involved whenever possible, sometimes interviewing the reporter of the original story. Why, she even ventured deep into bowels of the British National Library to tease out the juiciest tidbits on the life of the Castration Queen, translated from Assyrian in the mid-19th century by a staid British scholar.

Ballbusting Volume 2 brings a ferocious new level of ruinous ballbusting to the world of nonfiction literature. Get it now.

(54 pages, 8 detailed real-life stories, PDF file)


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