Recently on my Loyalfans I did a quick video of a ballbusting move you don’t see much online, I call it the “Grab, Twist and Pull”. It’s a super easy and a very effective ballbusting move that I’ve done quite a lot both in my personal life and professionally. I thought it’d be cool to show everyone what it is and what it means.

It’s so popular among us girls that we call it the GTP or Groin Rip. It has other fun nicknames too, The Crush Rip, or even The Crush of Death, in some martial arts it’s known as the Monkey Stealing The Peach. It’s the sort of move every girl has heard about and has at the back of her mind just in case things get crazy. But it begs the question, does it really work? And what does it do exactly?   

I have tried several different varieties of it, different intensities, from just-for-fun, to prank’d ya good! For starters I’ll tell you about my Loyalfans episode from this week. I had a captive boy, his hands behind his back, and his feet were spread shoulder width apart, balls presented before me like a good boy. He was into submission, but not super into ballbusting, which I like, because it just makes it seem that much more painful and senseless. His balls were huge and heavy and he assured me he hadn’t masturbated in over a week so those puppies were full of juicy sensitive goodness. 

I got onto my knees and looked at the camera while grabbing a large handful of his testicles, he gave a small yelp just at that rough treatment of his delicate gonads, but he was about to experience much worse. I immediately twisted the ripe testicles 180 degrees in their sac. This pinches all the nerves and blood vessels and immediately begins to starve the balls of life-giving oxygenated blood. Though they still had some wiggle room. Now not everyone can do this as it’s difficult and painful and I liken it to giving your testicles an “Indian Burn” but if you want them to have no new blood at all, do what I did and go ahead and grab them with the other hand to keep them in place, then with your free hand twist them EVEN MORE, 180 degrees further in the same direction. Now the balls are twisted more than 360 degrees.

You’ll feel they suddenly have nowhere to go. Try twisting them more and the body instantly rejects that option. The boy is struck with sudden and sharp pangs of nausea, stomach cramps, and everything else associated with hard nut trauma. It’s terrific and so easy to do! In this case the boy in question squealed, a plaintive groan for me to stop, luckily his mouth was stuffed with some old smelly socks so I pretended I couldn’t even hear him. I often like stuffing noisy slave’s mouths with something, like when I crushed the boy’s balls with a vice, I stuffed his mouth with my used panties. But I digress…

The balls in this extremely twisted state are vulnerable indeed. It’s from here that I gave them a sudden tug towards me. This is extremely dangerous, and you definitely should never do that if you care about the balls at all. They are already twisted 360 degrees and the nerves and blood vessels develop weak points, kinks where, with just a small tug you can rip the balls away from the body within the sac. Doing what I like to call, “unplugging the testes” so they just become free floating dead shits inside the boy’s unfortunate sac. Yes, you should never do it… but I did it anyway just for fun and to see what happened!

I could tell just from just one or two quick sudden tugs, that this was extremely painful for the ball-slave. It instantly sends the male body emergency signals to the brain that your vital meaty bits are in dire peril and that you should stop whatever you’re doing! The look of pure panic on his face made me burst out laughing. That’s when I began to mix things up even further by squeezing the hunk of twisted nutmeat in my hand and beat them with my other hand as hard as I possibly can.

Now, I’m not a boxer or an athlete or anything, but a full force punch to the goolies is still a full force punch to the goolies. And TEN full force punches is probably going to hurt anyone whose testes aren’t dead. He screamed stupidly through his smelly old sock gag. I punched and laughed, punched and laughed. What made it even funnier is that it must have hurt way more than just regular full-force sac-smashes, because his hypersensitive gonads were already in full scaredy-cat sensitive mode because of the whole, 360-degrees+ nearly being ripped off his body situation.

I just wanted to focus a bit more about how marvellous and special the GTP is, because not only does it become much easier to rip the balls out of the boy’s body, but a secondary thing happens to the sac skin… It becomes extremely taut and vulnerable to tearing. You know how if you try to tear a piece of paper just by pulling straight at it, it is difficult, and quite strong, but if you tear it from a different direction it just tears easily. This is the sort of thing we learn in kindergarten.

But with balls, when you twist the testicles around 360 degrees or more, and then give them a super hard pull, the sac skin can tear as easily as some gossamer paper. It’s almost as if it was designed to be ripped off! LOL you stupid boys and your ridiculous balls are just begging to get your nuts ripped off and you don’t even know it! 

You’d better be pretty nice to all the ladies now, because anyone can read this blog, so they’ll all know how easy it is to rip your nuts off or at least cause you a large amount of unpleasant pain down there.

The Grab, Twist, & Pull method is super easy! And if you’re determined, anyone can do it! Isn’t that fun?! What do you think about this move? Do you want to try it? Let me know in the comments.

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