Part 1: Balls in a Vise

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BallbustingStacy ties up a man-slave on the bed, removes her panties and stuffs them into his mouth. She slowly tightens a ball vise until the agony is 10/10 unbearable. She slams his dying, vised balls with her fist, and squeezes it harder in her hands so he’s screaming through his gag. Just when he thinks he can’t take any more, he’s at his absolute breaking point, she just leaves him there while her split/screen ‘Agony Timer’ counts down the seemingly interminable 20 minutes.

For him it feels like an eternity, as he screams and writhes about, his balls tortured so bad it ought to be illegal, as Stacy relaxes, has a snack, and writes in her blog, no sweat!

This video is the must-have Part 1 of 2 of the ballbusting series.

(mp4, 10:04 minutes, HD 1080p)

1 review for Part 1: Balls in a Vise

  1. Brad

    I would love my Balls in your Vice grip.

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