Sometimes I forget that not all ladies are actively cruel ballbusting bitches who truly enjoy inflicting that special male pain that makes boys wince just to look at. Speaking for myself I can say that when I rocket my boot straight up into the unprotected nude balls of some whimpering slave, I feel a sublime joy bubbling up through my body like a sexual champagne. To me, feeling my bony instep transfer all my leg power deep into your body, kicking through your puny testicles and directly into your pelvic bone, trapping your nethergems completely and crushing them to their limits and beyond, well, let’s just say it’s impossible for me not to laugh at you. But believe it or not, some strong, capable ladies have gone all the way through to adulthood without ever making a dumb boy’s soul leave his body from ball pain. I know, sad right? 
I decided for this week’s blog, I was going to talk to a random girl, in this case it was a hairdresser in the town next to mine. She was a very pretty girl in her mid-20s, extremely cute face, dyed silver hair with a bright streak of pink in it. She was naturally chatty and likeable like most hairdressers are, and at the moment it was just her and I in the lower level of the hairdresser’s. I set my phone on audio record and put it on the table underneath the mirror, just in case things got interesting.
As my haircut began all the usual starting small talk was observed, how do I want my hair done, the weather, any upcoming plans etc. Then of course, I decided to shake things up a bit. Our talk turned to, “What do you do for work?”
“Actually I’m a dominatrix.”
“Oh wow! I wasn’t expecting that. How’s that working out for ya?”     
“Well business is a bit slow during the pandemic, but my website keeps me busy with my blog and everything.”
“I always thought I could do that, as like a Plan-B, but then again I don’t know, I’m not really good at yelling at people.”     
“I don’t do a lot of yelling,” I said. “It’s mostly me laughing at guys on the ground! So it’s pretty alright”
She looked at me in the mirror, as she held my hair in her hands, “Hang on a tick, what sort of dominatrix are you exactly?”
“I do a lot of ballbusting. I kick men in the balls.” 
She laughed long and hard. I laughed as well.
“Oh my god, I’m sorry, I don’t mean to laugh!” She said.      
“No it’s okay! It is pretty funny. Anyway I bet you don’t hear that everyday!”     
“No I haven’t, I’ve talked to some girls who’ve been exotic dancers like pole dancing and things like that, but not ‘ballbusting’. I’ve never even heard of that before!”
    “Yeah that’s just the official term for it I guess”
  “So what’s it like? Do some boys enjoy it or do they not? I don’t really know what it’s all about to be honest.”
    “Yeah some guys really enjoy it, you know, they love it. Others just think they want it until they put their bollocks on the line.”
    “I can’t believe that you actually get paid to kick guys in the balls” She laughed again and then says “Blimey, let me put the kettle on, while you get your hair washed.” She shook her head and laughed to herself while walking off. When I get back she hands me a nice cup of tea.
   “What about you?” I ask her.
   “Have you ever seen a guy get kicked in the nuts?”
   “Oh yes,” She said matter of factly, “I saw it a few times while growing up. That’s why I can hardly believe anyone would actually want you to do that to them. What makes them want that, you think?”
   “I actually have my own pet theory that they’re trying to regain control of a situation they perceive as leaving them utterly powerless and helpless, at the mercy of forces they have no control over, mainly, women.”
   She laughed again, “Yeah I can see that. I’ve seen that it doesn’t take much to reduce them to custard with those dangly things between their legs.”
   “Exactly! So I think, the reason they come and see me is so they can set up a fabricated situation, in a controlled environment, with a professional who doesn’t judge them, to kick their balls and let them experience humiliation and an utter loss of control, outside of a normal social framework, where their peers or colleagues won’t ridicule them forever more. Like what used to happen when that would happen in school, for example.”
   She seemed impressed by my ballbusting TED talk. “Wow, you’ve really thought a lot about this haven’t you?”
   “I love psychology and especially understanding what makes these guys tick. Plus I like it, I have to admit, I’m into ballbusting too, but for different reasons.”
   “Huh.” She said, as she worked away. She held up the very ends of my wet hair. “Is this much about alright?” she asked.
      “Yeah that’s good, just need the ends trimming off please. I like my hair being long.”
      The sound of her scissors clipping all my months worth of split ends was soothing.
      “You know,” she said in a conciliatory almost whisper, “I kicked a boy’s bollocks once…”
      I laughed, “No, you didn’t!?”
      “I did so! Proper hard too!” We both laughed again heartily.
      “Oh please tell me what happened? When was this?”
      “This was back in school, there was a boy, he would pull my hair braid whenever he was behind me. I told him to stop again and again, and he started doing it every day at school assembly like it was the funniest thing in the world to him!”     
“Uh oh…”
      “Yeah right? Well one day, he pulled my braid, and my head snapped back and it fucking hurt it did. My neck actually hurt. I turned around and told him I had something for him, my mum had given me to give to him. He said ‘Wot?’ I told him, I’ll give you a kiss if you stop pulling my hair. I dunno why I said it like that. I just wanted to catch him off guard you know?”
      “Oh I know, that’s the best.”
      “So he says, alright. So I said, ‘Close your eyes.’ He got so silent, he did. He closed his eyes and he looked like his heart was beating out of his chest, he actually puckered his lips like he was getting a kiss!”
      My mouth dropped open, The Close-Your-Eyes trick! that was my favourite move! It amazes me how ingenious women are and how easy it can be to trick boys of all ages into gifting us their manhood.
      She’d stopped cutting my hair and was talking to me in the mirror. I was on the edge of my seat, though I knew where this was going.
      “I took a step back, and absolutely gave him everything I had, just weeks worth of anger. Do you know I was so fucking pissed off at him, I kicked his balls so hard I hurt my foot through my shoe. I know I got him good. You know when you just know you’ve done something just right?”
      “Oh I know.”
      “Yeah well, that’s what happened. I didn’t really remember it until speaking to you.”
       “So what happened to this boy?”
       She chortled, “What do you think? Down he went, and stayed down. And stayed and stayed, and then he had to go see the school nurse, no doubt that was an interesting conversation!”
“Did you get into trouble then?” I asked.
“Not really, word got around that we’d had some kind of ‘fight’ which gave me a bit of cred with the other girls because he wasn’t very popular. I don’t know though, do you think I really hurt him?” She continued to once again cut my hair.
       “There’s no question, you shouldn’t feel bad though because he sounded like he really deserved that! If he had been able to get up he would have, it’s extremely humiliating when boys get their nuts handed to them like that by a girl and they lose their ability to function properly. It strips them of their ego entirely. I think he would’ve died inside from the embarrassment, shame and regret.
“Yeah I don’t think he expected me to react like that because he’d really been winding me up for a long time and I had no comebacks before”
       “Seriously, it’s no big deal,” I assured her. “I find it pretty funny that his life was so peaceful and wonderful and pain-free before that incident. Then suddenly he was in the most pain he ever experienced. He must have regretted not appreciating it before.”
       “Yeah, it does look pretty painful, as painful as childbirth don’t they say?”
       “I dunno if it’s that painful, but it must be up there somewhere, along with feeling sick and dizzy sometimes. I believe it can be very therapeutic whether they like it or not. I bet he was much nicer to you after that wasn’t he?”
      “Oh yeah, so much nicer,” she replied. “He was a little pussycat after that episode. He never tried anything with me ever again. I just kicked his balls and it solved all my problems at the time” She laughed.
     “That’s perfect, so everyone learned a valuable lesson then!” We laughed together.
      Then she asked me, “What sort of things happen when you do it?”
      “Much the same as what happened to your little braid-puller. Except you wouldn’t believe the degrees to which adult males take it.  Sometimes guys literally beg me saying they want their balls ‘destroyed’, thats how far they want to take it.”
     “Oh blimey, that’s a bit rough”
     “Yeah, and some fellas have funny reactions to ballbusting too. One guy puked from it all!
     “Oh no, thats proper embarrassing for the lad!”
     “Tell me about it! Especially because I filmed it and posted it online for all to see! Don’t worry his face was blurred though.”
     “You’re proper evil!” She laughs.
     “He made a bet with me! He thought it wouldn’t hurt…”
     “Well that’s just daft. How have the other guys reacted?”
     “Hmm well another time I kicked this big fella so crazy hard that he fell unconscious.
     “Oh my! It sounds quite dangerous then!”
     “Ah no, he was fine and these guys love it! But I have also caused consensual permanent damage
     “I guess some guys want to take it to that level aye”
  After that she was silent for a bit, and as we both were caught up in our own reveries.
     After a while she finished my hair. “There we go, all done.”
     “I love it, thank you. I’ll have to come here next time I need my hair done.” I replied.
     “I hope so, it was so lovely to meet you.”
     “I know, I hope you don’t mind, but can I use our conversation in one of my blogs?”
     “Sure you can!”

     Well, here you are beautiful anonymous “Normal” girl, with terrific hair-cutting skills and a definite knack for ballkicking, if you’re reading this I think you’d do very well as Plan-B Dominatrix. I hope you don’t mind I edited some of the chitchat to make it flow better, but as you can see it’s all there.

-Ballbusting Stacy

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