Bound & Gagged Ballbusting

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This slave requested the ultimate relinquishing-control ballbusting: 100% bound tight using clingfilm and duct tape, utterly unable to move or protect his vulnerable and delicate nude balls. Gagged so he can’t speak, although he does end up yelling an awful lot!

He’s completely helpless and his tempting testicle targets are at the utter mercy of the most cruel ballbuster in all of London. She can do whatever she wants to them today. It’s a ballbusting Domme’s dream come true.

BallbustingStacy wears a shiny red vinyl dress, with black fishnet stockings and black high heels. She starts by boxing his balls, first with heavy boxing gloves, then with her bare knuckles. As his balls begin to swell and bruise to just the right amount, she switches to some full on knees. Then she provides some enormous hammer fists straight into the most delicate tops of his testes. She’s really trying to damage the cords. She checks how the balls are doing by squeezing one ball in each hand, hard. And then goes back to more knees. She’s really doing a number on him 😉

Finally he’s had enough. That’s when the very amused Miss Stacy pulls out the big guns: full force sideways kicking! With lots of slow-mo and close-up nutslam footage of course.

Next up, BallbustingStacy power elbow his balls into complete submission, until the dumb idiot is bordering on unconsciousness, barely able to utter responses to her queries. The balls are swollen, bruised, and glowing so red they’re almost radioactive. The boy is an utter mess, possibly ruined, the perfect time to deliver a parting maximum strength nutslam. Perhaps next time he’ll think twice before submitting completely to BallbustingStacy.

(11:39 minutes, MP4, HD 1080p)

1 review for Bound & Gagged Ballbusting

  1. Christopher

    Hard to say whether this is my favorite ballbusting video. I’d love to hav my balls at your mercy. Then I watch this and think maybe I should just keep it to fantasies

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