I, BallbustingStacy, have kicked a lot of testicles. I mean a lot.

It started when I was a teenage girl in school showing the boys who was really in charge, with my heavy yet lightning fast Mary Jane shoes, just not giving a single fuck; at University, teaching boys manners on a Friday or Saturday evening, in the pubs and clubs and sometimes dormitories; and up to the present day, annihilating testicles of subs, slaves and ball-perverts. However, there are certain things through the years that never change about getting completely ball-wrecked by a nice lady like me. Though I’ve lost count of how many full force nut cracks I’ve actually witnessed and delivered, I will tell you my honest feelings about the constants of ballbusting. These are things that go through my mind as I’m demolishing the hopes and dreams of countless millions of dying sperm:

1) I’m so fucking glad I don’t have stupid balls

They look ridiculous. Testicles are dangly, asymmetrical and usually hairy which is all pretty gross. Even if they’re shaved they still end up looking like loose, bulging, wrinkly prunes. Men sometimes have the audacity to complain about women’s labia looking funny (like roast beef etc.) but holy shit guys! You can’t talk. You all look like you have some kinda old skin purse, filled with precious egg-shaped jewels or hearty flaps of roast beef stuffed with kiwis 😅

Balls also sweat and get smelly wayyyy more than your average vagina, which is not very appealing… I’ve also heard that when balls get hot and sweaty, they can also stick to your leg! Like, ew, no thanks. 

Testicles dangle, stick out and get in the way of doing simple things like sitting down. Yes, that’s right, old guys bloody SIT on them accidentally!

It’s so wonderful being a girl, being able to wear lovely skimpy bikinis with my tight, trim pussy and no one looking down below subconsciously to evaluate a stupid round, bulging “package”. Whenever I see male swimmers in their tiny speedos, it’s obviously the first thing everyone looks at and is drawn to, and it’s embarrassing for everyone involved really – Their little schlongs and balls all clumped up tightly where everyone can gawk at them. Pathetic. Put your vital organs inside your body, please! Oh wait, you can’t. 😂

Boys also can’t wear tight clothing because of their balls being a nuisance, getting in the way of everything. “Ahh my balls, there’s not enough room!” we’ve all heard that phrase at least once in our life, right? It’s lame. Meanwhile as I girl, I wear tight fitting clothing nearly everyday, it’s great – the tighter the better I say!

Also the fact, you know, that testicles are incredibly sensitive, to both pain (and humiliation LOL). Who needs that kinda stress in their life? I feel like a man’s dick and balls are always in their thoughts and consciousness. Meanwhile I never really think about my vagina. It’s there, chilling, doing its own thing. I don’t need to babysit it all the time, like you boys do to your balls.

2) This is all pretty hilarious

If you watch my videos you’ll see that I always laugh quite a lot at ballbois, as they squirm around in complete agony. That’s because it’s funny to me. It’s funny when your stupid male skin purse gets kicked around and your eyes bulge out and your chin suddenly shoots towards the ceiling as you howl for help. There’s so many different reactions that occur in your body during that split second of teste impact. All the interesting quirks and features of testicle trauma, like if I just completely smash your left ball… suddenly your whole left side is wracked with excruciating pain. But your right side? More or less fine! That’s messed up and so kinda hilarious. Whenever I notice that that has happened, or if a boy says, “Gah, you got my left ball!”  I immediately go in for the kill of the right one, because I guess it’s nice for the boy’s misery to be symmetrical, even if his balls aren’t.    

I digress… the hilarity of ballbusting is always fresh and exciting. That’s why every new boy and almost every new nut kick elicits its own chuckle, each one amusingly tingly in it’s own special way.

Gut wrenching gonad smashes are like marvellous vintages of fine wines, and I’m the fucking ballbusting sommelier. 

Ahhhh, I say licking my lips and chuckling as the nut-pervert starts to sink to the floor, trying to grab onto something, anything, to keep from crumbling, but ultimately failing. That one was deep, indulgent… with notes of plum! I’ll tower over him and waggle my huge 30FF boobs above his head, even though he’s too absorbed in his new ballpain-centric model of the universe to notice anything I do.

It’s all funny, and a good laugh. Plus you never know what’s going to happen!

3) This is a lucky guy 😉

What used to be just a mean spirited habit has practically become a genuinely nice and fun thing to do with consenting adults. Funny that. When I was younger, occasionally a boy would ask me with tears in his eyes, “Why did you kick my balls?!” The reasons were myriad and sometimes capricious*, but the answer was never, “Because you literally asked me to kick them.” But now? My, how the tables have turned.

I talk with many boys who tell me, “All I want is for my girlfriend to kick my balls really hard, but she won’t.” As well as, “Hi Mistress, can you please kick my balls? PLEASE! I’ll pay for your travel, just so you can kick my balls?!” It seems as though some men are crying out for ballbusters and some parts of the world ballbusting dominatrixes just don’t exist. This makes the men that I see for ballbusting, quite lucky. I have no idea what the actual percentage of men who want to get ballbusted vs men who have been ballbusted is, but it must have quite a disproportionate gap, and therefore be quite rare/uncommon perhaps, to experience it. (Let me know your thoughts in the comments).

4) Positioning and angles

I make it look easy, but there can be a lot to think about when you’re whacking and smacking balls. Usually my primary concern is, how am I going to send this perverted ballboi to the ground in the fastest way? Is he going to get his babymakers pulverised with my shin? Or is he responding better to the instep of my foot? Has he been good and well behaved today, or do I really want to try to pop one of his balls**?

If he’s been bad, I’ll get him on all fours, face him away from me, and give him a full force running kick, sending his ass into the air in a celebration of my womanly powers.

Other things that flit through Miss Ballbusting Stacy’s mind are how can I maximise his testicle torment? If I’m crushing his balls in a vice for example, I like to find out what the absolute flattest his nuts have ever been before, then I’ll put a little white mark on the vice so I know what his limit is, and then I just try to blow way past that limit! Don’t tell me what to do scrotum!

There’s also a lot to do with making sure the guy is having fun, what types of ballbusting he’s responding to the best (or most dramatically), as well as making it fun and mixing it up so he experiences a whole range of blissful pain.

5) The after-effects

When I give an absolute mind shattering ball-kicking to some chap, no matter his size or experience, I’ll think, damn he’s going to be walking funny afterwards! And that’s not just a figure of speech.

After you boys get your fucking genitals handed back to you all brusied and swollen, you walk away like a cowboy who just got off a big-arsed horse. (<- I drew balls in)

The balls become so sensitive, that the slightest tender touch, even against your own leg sends shockwaves of nutpain through your guts, which in turn sends other weird signals out through the rest of your body, and overall tells you that you need to take things easy now! These feelings and the extra-sensitivity is probably not ideal when you still need to drive all the way back home or sit on a train all the way home, with your achey abused balls. LOL

*Although I became less of an outright bully as I got older. Now I understand that ballbusting bullies are bad, but at the time it was great!
** A truly ruptured testicle is for ever such a naughty boy, who asks for it, but probably doesn’t realize how bad of a decision that is.

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