A lot of people ask me what is the background story behind one of my first ever ballbusting videos called, “A Date With My Knee” – this blog aims to explain the context of this popular video a bit more.

This is going back a few years so I think my memories of the whole thing are a bit fuzzy around the edges. I was just coming out publicly, as it were, as a professional ballbuster, but in my personal life I was also on Tinder, mostly wasting my time trying to find a viable dick appointment.  I was swiping and swiping until I found a handsome looking guy. He worked in the city and he seemed kinda funny, which I like, and something about him gave off a strong “big dick energy” vibe.

We got to talking and he told me about his job, I told him about my job at the time too, also working in the city. We talked a bit about what we liked, flirting a bit, but keeping it light. For the sake of the story I’ll call him Adrien.

At some point during our conversation, I forget how specifically, the concept of getting kneed in the balls came up…

Then, I said something like, “Oh boy, that must be painful.”
He said, “Nah not really.”

Now, I could’ve let this slide… but, nah.

“Getting hit in the balls isn’t painful? That’s an unusual opinion”   

“No, it isn’t really” Adrien replied, assuredly. “It’s kinda impossible for it to hurt very much. I think a lot of men are overreacting and it can’t be as painful as people make it out to be.”   

“Wow, you really know what you’re talking about.” I ventured, “I guess you’ve been kneed in the balls before?”

“No, I haven’t, but I have had balls for my whole life and I have a pretty good idea what it’s like.”

At this point several things crossed my mind. I thought, I wonder if this guy is super into ballbusting and this is just something he says to every girl to get them to attack his balls. However, I was the one who brought up balls in the first place. So, It would be an awfully big coincidence if that was the case.

I started thinking about all the boys I’d kneed, kicked and punched straight in the testicles over the years. Those boys certainly didn’t look like they were overreacting, at least not deliberately, and I’m saying that as an expert at all things ballbusting.

There’s something so satisfying about jamming my bony patella as hard as possible into the soft, vulnerable genitals, of some rude boy. The pantomime is the same every time. His sudden bulging eyes, the look of horror and confusion, the instant dropping to the floor in white hot ball-agony. It’s the best show in the world! And, it’s so easy to do.

If you’re a cute girl and a boy likes you, just say, “Haha got you! It was just a prank!” and eventually he has to get over it. They’re only his nuts, so it’s not like anyone else cares much. The world is entirely indifferent to nut-suffering.

Back to Adrian and me talking about ballbusting.   

I wanted to be polite so I said, “I’m sure it hurts quite a lot. I’ve seen it happen in real life, with boys getting kneed and stuff, trust me. It is really painful, you can bet on that!”   

“What do you mean?” He said. “You wanna make an actual bet? It sure would be a more interesting date than normal.”

“Haha maybe, what do you have in mind?” I enquired.

“We meet up, you can knee my balls, and if I can take it without being a pussy, we go out and you pay for the drinks.” He said.

I don’t normally like to gamble actually, unless I know I’m going to win. Not all boys take a knee to the bollocks well, especially if they’re very tall or they got great big dangly balls that are hard to aim for. Either that or they are ballbusting pros that have been taking nut shots for a lifetime. However the average bloke will suffer greatly from a knee in the nuts.

I told him, “Let me think about it.”   

What are the moral implications of kneeing a ballbusting virgin in the stupid goolies, hard as fuck? He doesn’t even seem to be into ballbusting especially, he’s just a normal lad with a whacked out theory about the strength of male genitals. I was in a quandary, so I decided to go onto a Ballbusting forum on Fetlife and ask an audience what they thought. I needed a second opinion. 

Given all the salient facts, should I knee this normie guy in the crotch? Should I tell him I’m an expert ballbuster with many years experience learning how to precisely target his extremely vulnerable sperm factories?

Well, maybe I should have asked a different forum, because the answer was a resounding, yes. 100% of the respondents thought I should knee his balls as hard as I can without warning him that I was an avid ballbuster, unless he asks.

I went back to Adrien. “Good news! I’m up for that date. Meet me and we’ll do it before we go out. It’ll be fun!”

He seemed entirely unfazed and more interested about where we might be going afterwards, making plans and such for our night out.

We met at a location near where I lived. Before he arrived I set up a sneaky little camera tucked away up in a corner. He showed up do our date looking quite smooth, laid back, and ready for his ballbusting challenge.

I gave him a chance to back out. I said, “Are you sure? You’re really sure you want to do this? It’s really going to hurt. “

That was nice of me, but it also allowed me to get his consent for all of this. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen but I had a greater idea of what potentially might happen, than he did.

“I don’t think it’ll hurt” He said, boldly.

“Okay… Close your eyes” I said.

“Close your eyes.” I said while put my hands on his shoulders and braced him against the wall. This way I could really let all my power come out through my knee, and I wouldn’t have to worry about balancing. It was an intimate moment to have with someone you just met, for sure. However all that was on my mind was being focused on delivering a maximum knee blast against his male orbs.

I’m sure a part of him thought I might just kiss him as we were physically quite close, but alas! I brought my leg back to get the greatest velocity possible, I had to power through his testes and up into his stomach. I wasn’t going to stop kneeing until my kneecap came out of the top of his head.  

The silence held for just a moment. I think he let out a soft chuckle as he waited for the inevitable. I waited til he breathed all the way out so he wouldn’t scream super loud.     

Then, I kneed him hard in his special place. BOOM.

I kneed him quite possibly as hard as I’ve ever kneed anyone, as the circumstances were just right. I got his nuts dead centre and in an instant they were squashed beyond belief as my knee lifted him up off the ground. All of his weight, possibly 200+ pounds was pushing back against my inexorable knee but he kept going, because the force of my knee was much greater.

He didn’t scream as he had no air left in his lungs. Instead, he crumpled to the floor. Immediately the pain hit his testicles, but it took a few seconds for the rest of his body to become overwhelmed with paralysing nut ache that radiated out from his to stupid nuts, up into the nerves in his stomach. The pain reached out to every corner of his mind and body until he was wracked all over, and he went into spasms. Suddenly he puked all over the floor. Gross.

I had been laughing already, but this was just way too funny. I laughed harder and harder at him, the more sounds he made. Puke dribbled out of him, entirely caused by my actions. I watched him for a while, bemused and even gave him a little sympathy pat on the back. Aw.  

It’s salient to point out that if the testicles suddenly encounter real damage, severe nausea immediately sets in, it’s one of the signs that you’ve just experienced testicle trauma. During testicle trauma, the stupid testicle is compressed so hard and so quickly as the delicate and incredibly sensitive, internal “lobules” have nowhere to go.

Sometimes testicle rupture can occur from a simple knee in the balls too. The nerve rich ball spaghetti can spill out into the scrotum sac and hilariously because the DNA in the sperm is different from the rest of the body, they get immediately attacked by the immune system. Sometimes this leads to infertility, sometimes it leads to infection. Either way I hope you didn’t need those balls for anything, because you’re fucked and probably need a trip to the hospital.

He laid there for ages and ages, perhaps 20 minutes. Moaning, “My balls… my fucking balls…” 

He lost the bet. I was too grossed out my the whining and the vomit smell that engulfed the room, that I didn’t want to go on the rest of the date with him.

What do you think about my ballbusting date? Was it cruel? Was it funny? Would you go on this kind of date? Is ballbusting a good way to get to know someone? LOL let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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