A few months ago I made tentative session plans with some guy online who works for the NHS. Let’s call him John. So recently I received a message from John reminding me about our session appointment, plus he tells me he’s already had both of the Covid jabs. Honestly, I did think it was about time to make a new video, plus it’s always super fun to! Let’s face it, there’s not much exciting going on these days 😉





He comes around and he’s shorter than I expected, maybe 5’6 or 5’7. Nothing wrong with busting a short guy, the balls still implode all the same. Before we started he said to me, “Okay, so I haven’t been busted very much, but I’ve seen your rupture video and I have always wanted to know what that feels like, but ideally without losing one.” I’ve found that often guys, when they talk to me, curiously avoid using the words, ball, testicle, nuts, etc. I’m not sure why, maybe they’re embarrassed about talking to some stranger lady about their private parts, or perhaps they like to mentally distance themselves from their sexual organs as they’re preparing to get testicularly assaulted beyond all reasonable limits…

John continued, “but apart from that, I also can’t stop thinking about how hot it would be to be completely bound, and totally unable to make you stop once you’ve started.” Nearly every day I hear some version of this from my ballbois. Why just as I was writing that last sentence, some boy on Twitter said to me:









It a true classic ballboi message and desire!





So I ask John, “Are you sure you’d want me to bust your balls with you bound and gagged? You realise that you wouldn’t be able to tell me to stop.” I warned him, saying, “Even hardcore ballbusting enthusiasts will take a strong hit in the balls and fall over and that stops the assault for a bit. It gives them some rest and allows their balls to at least momentarily recover. I don’t pull punches or kicks, and if I am beating your balls you’re going to get hit in your testicles at absolute maximum power, no time to recover, it’s going to be the most painful thing you’ve ever experienced in your life, by far. You’re sure you want that?”  John hardly seemed to be paying attention to the content of what I was saying, and more just getting hornier and hornier with every “ballbusting word” coming out of my mouth. He seemed to be fascinated just by the movement of my lips, the jiggle of my boobs as I talked, in my shiny red outfit.    

“I can definitely take it.” He said while nodding.  

“Hmm, how do you know that if you’ve never been seriously ballbusted before? I honestly don’t recommend it for a newbie.”   

“I know I can. I’ve seen worse stuff come into A&E trust me, if they can take that, I can take a bit of this for a laugh.” Well now he was starting to offend me. A bit of this for a laugh?! I’d give him a laugh alright!    

“Okay then, if you’re sure. Once I start though I’m not stopping.”   

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, please don’t stop, no matter what I say.”   

“Ha! You won’t be able to say much of anything!” I laughed. 





I usually bring an assortment of items when I come to a session and this time was no different. He had mentioned earlier that he might want to be restrained so I brought more stuff than usual including a big roll of cling-film and duct tape. It’s pretty easy to fully restrain a fully grown male with just those two items, the things we learn from TV eh! I also brought a cute mouth gag so he wouldn’t be causing too much of a fuss.    

After I got him all trussed up and completely restrained and immobile, I set up the cameras. I definitely wanted to get this all on film. Even though I already have a few ballbusting videos featuring guys bound and gagged, so many boys want to see more to experience what it’s like to be completely helpless, trapped and stuck at the mercy of Miss BallbustingStacy.

Examples of my other bound and gagged videos:

Part 1 Balls in a Vise video: The boy was tied to the bed with rope and gagged with my panties and his nuts are trapped so tight that, well, I couldn’t get the vice any tighter. I tried, but those balls didn’t even pop and the vice wasn’t budging, it was at maximum compression, and the testes looked a sickly white, like boiled potatoes squished in a thin gossamer bag. It softened those balls up nice and good for part 2, which led to him passing out from a solid kick.

Fight Night! Stacy Punches the Ball Bag video: A seasoned ball-veteran of testicle wars volunteered to go onto my ballboxing table. I t was so painful for him that after only about 1200 full force goolie punches* his screams were so great that he had to give up after 5 minutes. His nuts were so swollen he could barely pull them out of the ball-boxing hole.}





All big strong men, they think they’re hard, then they put their delicate family jewels on the line and when even one testicle gets the slightest whiff of abuse it’s all “PLEASE MISTRESS STACY! I’VE HAD ENOUGH PLEASE STOP, I’LL DO ANYTHING, JUST STOP!” Your nuts turn you into raging pussies at the drop of a hat. I guess it’s just biology. 





Anyway, that’s what makes this short boi John different, he specifically said “Don’t stop no matter what!” and, “Just keep going”. I heard it with my own two ears. I usually caution silly boys against this, especially ones that haven’t been busted too much, but I do so enjoy a captive, willing ballslave.    

So there he was. Made to be completely helpless in front of me. His balls dangling outside all exposed outside of the duct tape and cling film. I took the gag and whipped it once against his nutsac just to make sure he was awake. He gave a high pitched yelp. A perfect start! Unbeknownst to me at the time, the sharp metal buckle on the gag actually dug into his scrotum skin and caused a tiny cut. Since that’s the sort of thing I like, that just made me happier afterwards when I found out.

I gagged him and then he became my own little toy to play with.









First I started with my boxing gloves. I like these gloves because they take my fist and add serious weight to the punches. It takes more energy to throw a punch, but all that energy is transferred straight into the bollocks with every punch. It’s also a nice workout and helps me tone my arms. I was really throwing my body weight into the punches and I could hear John screaming desperately through his gag, which wasn’t doing a great job at muffling.

After just the first two or three punches I could tell, he was somewhat regretting his decision. He was exceptionally noisy. I think he was trying to say, “Stop” but the gag was preventing anything sensical from escaping his lips. Only pure agonised screams were escaping him.  I am always trying to push myself towards teste smashing excellence, so with each punch I tried to punch a little bit harder, until I just couldn’t punch his fucking meatballs any harder no matter how I tried. I like to think of a boy’s nuts as just meat that needs to be tenderized.

I’ve even gone as far as going to the butcher to buy raw castrated testicles so I can play with them, examine them, see what their stresses are, pop them, even cook them, just for fun. I know exactly how much nuts can take before they explode inside their sacs, so don’t worry! There are different ways to know whether you’ve caused ball-damage. One way is instant vomiting… or is that just shock? Another way is loss of consciousness. The final way is just by examining them, are the testicles swollen? Are they bruised? Do they look fucked up? Just use your common sense.  Either way, all of those are pretty funny to girls. It showcases your vulnerability pretty effortlessly for us.





One drawback from using the gloves is I can’t feel the balls getting pulverised. I like that real personal touch, when I can feel the impact my hits are having, and feel how hot or swollen the balls are becoming. So I took the gloves off and really started wailing on the swollen orbs with my bare fists. They were getting squishier and squishier. I don’t know if you’re familiar with this phenomenon, but when you’ve beaten balls really good, they get soft, even as they begin to swell. Kinda like bruised fruit. I believe that it is their physical integrity becoming degraded. They seem weaker, more vulnerable. This is the best time to hit them even harder. 

My fists aren’t as heavy as the gloves, but they’re harder, boney, less forgiving. They also punch deeper into his crotch than ever before and with more precision.  I had asked him off screen whether he’d been busted before, and yes, he had been, but this was a new level of experience for the lad. Sure, getting your testicles kicked into your butthole by a girl during puberty is no picnic, but giving your babymakers to a psycho sadistic mistress who enjoys rupturing testicles for fun, well that’s a whole new ballgame isn’t it?   

Those plums of his were swelling and becoming as red as my crimson PVC dress. I picked them up in my hand during a quiet moment, I could hear his breath streaming out of his nose. He had a familiar scent of fear underneath his fancy cologne. He was sweating. I don’t recall exactly what I said, maybe you boys who see the video can remind me, but he didn’t seem to be paying attention to me. In fact it seemed as though he was almost drifting away, zoning out or maybe even drifting out of consciousness





I sensually, almost lovingly cradled the damaged seat of his DNA. The thing his ancestors had strived to protect generation after generation, for millennia, so many trials and tribulations, people surviving, procreating, living so that they might have children of their own one day, leading up to him entering my domain. I swing my fist in a high hard arc over my head into the delicate and extremely sensitive tops of his testicles, where the cords attach to the dangling ballmeat. His screams were like music to my ears. That woke him up! 

The great thing about punching the top of the testes is that it can very easily cause hematoma and internal injury, you can even detach the balls, from the cords, requiring immediate surgery. I call that, “Unplugging.” After that happens, it’s totally your problem, but you’d better go get those fixed if you want to keep your nuts intact. I’m pretty sure he didn’t get his balls unplugged by my enormous hammerfist into his sac, but with a willing victim I like to live dangerously. They’re his balls after all, his pain, his problem.      

I did so much more to those balls trying to get a top-tier reaction out of the short ballboi. I tried gaspedaling them. This is where you place your shoe on the nuts and just press all your weight straight down, like on a car gas pedal, and this car was headed max speed straight to ball-hell. I bounced up and down against his worthless scrotum, trying to eke all the gas out of those shits.      

Then I moved onto some kicks, pretty standard stuff. Except it’s hard to kick in such gorgeous sexy high heels. 









But I did it! I accurately, kicked his scumballs dead on in my dainty heels. Let me ask you? Have you ever been kicked square in the junk? Just one kick is often too much for many boys. It’s all pretty funny, but I tell you what, it’s lucky this boy was chained up because there’s absolutely no way someone of his experience would be able to take the whole of our intense session. But he took so many hits and did SO well! In fact, I usually have a pretty good eye for this sort of thing, he seemed like the sort of boy who probably would crumble after just a few full force fists up into his nutsac. So really those tight bindings were a godsend, for me.      





By now though, he looked well and truly ballbusted. I took a look at him. He was a mess. He was incredibly sweaty and was all red in the face, and he seemed to be lolling in and out of that dreamy subspace. There’s no way he could take any more ball abuse.  





Which is why I decided to try elbows! Elbows to the nuts are rare, but so much fun! The elbow allows you to pack so much power into such a small space, it really is very easy to rupture a testicle with an elbow if you get it dead centre. So that’s what I aimed for of course! Also, he specifically said to me that he’d love to try elbows, and so who am I to say no? Although he probably wasn’t expecting it after so much testicle bashing already.





You’ll have to watch the video to see how my full force elbows turned out. I have really pointy elbows too so they really packed a punch 😉

Or you’re welcome to get my LoyalFans if you want to see the deleted scene after the session where I surprise bust his beleaguered organs as he’s trying to recover.

But basically, in a nutshell, this is how a typical “Bind me, gag me, no safeword, do what you want to me,” session usually goes. Believe it or not, a lot of guys chicken out before they even get tied up! Go figure. 





 *for further description and a breakdown of how this many hits is possible in such a short amount of time please read my other blog https://bustingstacy.com/2020/10/18/female-on-male-ball-boxing/



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